Crowdsourcing Your Social Media Advertising

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The second step of commercials our contest was by advertising, or “boosting” individual Facebook posts. Rather than only ads our contest through Facebook or Twitter ads those on the side and top of the page, we promoted individual status update posts. The posts would simply remind fans of the contest, and the time left before the competition closed. After advertising the posts, they’d appear in fans’ newsfeeds, in addition to in the newsfeeds of their pals.

This was a more personal frame of mind to commercials, and appealed to the fans that were already following our page. When these posts gave the impression in fans’ newsfeeds, they were encouraged to share the competition for a higher chance to win. Whenever we run a social media sweepstakes contest, we heavily incentivise participants to share the contest for an opportunity to gain more entries. This is typically done by giving them 10 extra entries in the contest if one of their chums enters in the course of the link they share. The results of this crowdsourced sharing was miraculous.

Our contest reached our fans’ friends, then their pals, then their chums etc. It became a snowball effect, achieving hundreds people, just about at no cost, from only one promoted post.

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