Cross Selling is a powerful marketing strategy, this is how!

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Cross Selling is a powerful marketing strategy, this is how!

Cross Selling is a powerful marketing strategy this is how

Basically, Cross Selling is one of the most widely used marketing strategies in marketing activities or marketing activities

Long before online business activities grow rapidly like today, this Cross Selling marketing strategy has actually been applied and we can easily find it easily in fast food restaurants and other online businesses.

But along with the development of time, this marketing strategy has become a target in various other types of businesses, including in the type of online business. Why? Because this type of strategy can increase very promising income.

To better understand Cross Selling, see the full explanation below.

Definition of Cross Selling

As previously explained earlier, Cross Selling is one of the very well-known and effective marketing strategies in increasing company sales. Although it is likely that this term is still unfamiliar to your ears, but actually a strategy like this is very easy to find.

For example, while traveling to a minimarket and we are at the cashier to pay for groceries. Of course we need not be surprised again when there is a cashier employee who offers additional products with the aim of being able to complete our shopping lists.

Simply put, when we are shopping for sugar, generally cashier officers will better suggest for coffee or tea shopping. Well, this is a form of activity from Cross Selling strategies, namely offering one or two additional products that are still closely related to the main products we buy.

Cross Selling Strategy

Just as we have discussed earlier, that Cross Selling is one of the marketing strategies that is done in order to offer an additional product or complementary product to the customer.

Another understanding of Cross Selling is an effort or action that is done with the aim of being able to encourage any purchases related to the main products.

In addition to the example in shopping for sugar which then shopping is offered coffee or tea, there are other examples that you must have previously found before.

Like when we buy kebabs in a fast food restaurant, generally the cashier will offer additional products, such as french fries, drinks, or extra toping.

So in essence, Cross Selling is something that can encourage customers to buy additional products that are still related to what is spent.

Application of strategies like this is also not only used in various types of conventional sales. For those of you who have an online business, you can also implement Cross Selling marketing strategies.

When shopping at one of the marketplaces or e-commerce, then have included a product to the shopping basket. Generally the choice will appear, for example such as “also a similar product” or “other of this store”

Various things like this are one of the applications of Cross Selling strategies. Cross Selling’s goal is that customers shopping can add other items to the shopping basket.

Why is Cross Selling’s strategy very famous and very often applied by various companies? Of course the answer is because Cross Selling strategies are very effective.

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In addition to being able to increase company profits because consumers can add grocery products, there are other benefits that can be felt by the company when applying cross selling.

When Cross Selling strategies can be done properly, then every customer will be able to feel satisfied with the service you provide. This is because you are able to offer products that are needed by customers.

Example Cross Selling

  • When shopping at Indomaret, the cashier will definitely offer “all the pulses, Sis?”, Or “Want to tebus cheap this item, Sis?”
  • More varied food packages in fast food restaurants that combine different products
  • Food packages are in a restaurant by offering packages for the main food and also additional side dishes or other additional products whose value is smaller.
  • Online gift stores that offer a package with more different contents combinations, such as cake, flowers, dolls, or other additions.
  • Fashion, online or offline stores, which offer different fashion products, such as robes and hijab, dress and some additional accessories for beautifying fashion.
  • Bundling package offers when shopping for skin care and also different types of cosmetics.
  • The related product features in online stores are able to direct customers to perform other shopping products.

How to implement an effective cross selling strategy

1. Discount

The first strategy in applying Cross Selling is by giving discounts for consumers who make purchases in more quantity.

For example when you sell clothes with unit prices worth IDR 40,000, then you can provide attractive offers by giving a discount for purchasing three clothes, which is only IDR 100,000.

In addition, there are now many e-commerce capable of providing free shipping services which are certainly able to make consumers more interested in using it.

But, this free service has a minimum purchase requirement. So, you can provide advice to cross sell by adding a customer product to be able to meet the minimum product shopping.

2. Have a customer profile

In order for an online business that is done can run success, then customer data is one of the important factors to make a marketing strategy.

By knowing customer profiles and learning the tendency of customers when shopping, it will certainly be even easier to provide additional product suggestions on customers.

3. Consider the price

How to Implement the Next Cross Selling Strategy is to consider product pricing that will later be offered to all your customers.

In this case, you must be able to understand that Cross Selling is to offer a product so that customers can buy additional products. So, of course they will not be willing to spend more money for the additional products you offer.

What is the difference between Cross Selling, up selling, and down selling?

1. Cross Selling

As explained earlier, Cross Selling is an art in selling certain goods or services products, then offers several different products. The offer can be directly packaged in the form of packages or direct offers by the sales team or sales team.

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2. Up Selling

Up Selling more focus offers one product similar to a much larger value. These products can be greater size or able to provide benefits and also a much better advantage.

To be easier to understand up selling, Cross Selling is selling A products by offering products B, C, D or E that are able to complete. While up selling is an art of selling A products by adding product offers A +, A ++ or A +++.

3. Down Selling

Down Selling is a way of sales by offering other products that are lower or have lower benefits in prospective customers.

What are the benefits of applying Cross Selling, up selling, and down selling?

1. Offering new products

In Cross Selling activities, sellers can introduce prospective customers regarding new products owned by the seller. By providing direct offers and with short information, the buyer will know more about the product information.

2. Variations of Products

These three marketing strategies are very good at providing educational in prospective customers or loyal customers regarding the variety of products you have. Whether it’s a product that is different, or variations in other product sizes, or even other extras that are very tempting.

By providing information related to product variations, prospective buyers will be more interested in trying something new from the business you are running.


Thus the full explanation of us about cross selling strategies that you can apply in order to maximize business sales.

Cross Selling strategies and also up selling you can apply at any time according to your business needs. But in implementing this method, you must be able to pay attention to prices, approaches, product functions, and appropriate approaches to consumers.

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