CRM predictions for CIO

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Integration will be the name of the sport. “It’s increasingly critical that your CRM be able to seamlessly combine with your ecommerce platform, your advertising automation program, your analytics software, your accounting system. the list goes on and on,” says Katie Hollar, CRM expert at Capterra, an online tool for agencies find the right software. “Rather than spending hours downloading and uploading CSVs of knowledge from one system to an alternative, CRM users will demand that their carrier build these native integrations with other structures to lead them to more effective. And if CRM owners can’t keep up with the demand, users will switch systems, finding one which works better with their latest infrastructure.

”“CRMs will evolve from sales orientated tools to actually included marketing and sales systems,” predicts Kathleen Booth, CEO, Quintain Marketing. “There has already been some movement in this direction, with many CRMs, similar to Salesforce, providing integrations with advertising and marketing program. But sooner or later, integrations will be replaced by all in one application systems that actually marry the purposes of sales and marketing,” she says. “One example of a company it is doing this effectively at the moment is HubSpot, which added a free CRM to its advertising software last year. Expect more companies to enter this market in 2016. ”Vertical CRMs will give classic CRM answers some serious competitors.

“In 2016, the ‘verticalization’ of CRM answers could be extended,” says Adam Honig, cofounder and CEO of Spiro, a personal sales app for salespeople. “A real estate shop clerk has alternative needs than a scientific device salesclerk, and agencies are more and more realizing that they could benefit from using industry specific CRM solutions like Veeva, Vlocity and OpenGov,” he says. “These owners’ built in best practices and processes deliver a degree of potential that companies just do not get with a widespread CRM solution.

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