Critical Path Method, Engineering Regulates Projects to Free Barriers

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Critical Path Method, Engineering Regulates Projects to Free Barriers

Critical Path Method Engineering Regulates Projects to Free Barriers

Without the enactment of the Critical Path Method, project management activities are on time and also efficiently will be difficult to achieve. The critical path method is an algorithm that is very necessary to make a very profitable project model for all parties involved in it.

This can be done to plan the project simply. For that, let’s study more clearly about this method and the best way to make it.

Definition of Critical Path Method

Critical path method or abbreviated as CPM is a modeling or modeling technique. This method is utilized by the Project Manager in prioritizing activities or activities on a project.

Critical Path Method can help them in finding various important deadlines so that later it can be ascertained that the task can be finished promptly. Based on the Project Manager page, Critical Path is a distance between the start point and the most remote finish point.

In it, it will include various tasks and duration in solving it. When carrying out project management, the Critical Path method can be used as an important guideline so that the project can be resolved efficiently, in a timely and without a thorough barrier.

Critical Path type in Project Management

Based on the indeed page, there are several ways representation of the order of tasks related to a project with the critical path method. Some types of critical path methods are as follows:

1. Work breakdown structure

This type of critical path method is the most widely used one. Work breakdown structure uses a kind of tree structure so that it can describe the task hierarchy. Each project component in it will be explained to be several groups of each task.

2. Project Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT)

This type of critical path method is a very flexible visualization form. Pert will limit and contain various uncertainty elements in a project. In addition, this method also focuses on the completion time of the project and scheduling more thoroughly. Further explanation of this type we will describe below.

3. Activity-on-node diagram

This Critical Project will be described in an attractive form of a diagram. This method will display the sequence of activities using various nodes that are interconnected with arrows.

Visualization in it will describe the direction of workflow or process workflow.

4. Flowchart

A flowchart is a representation of a very simple Critical Path method. By using a flowchart, you can find out various stages in a process until it’s finished by following the arrow flow simply.

How to Identify Critical Path

1. Set the activity that must be done

To be able to identify the critical path method clearly, then you must be able to determine what activities must be done in the project. For this reason, make a work breakdown structure to explain what activities to do and how the structure or flow of work.

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This is a very important first step so that all the people involved in it can see anything that must be done and prioritize the main first.

2. Set the sequence of activity

Various project activities are independent or dependent. For this reason, you must know a clear work order in critical path identification. This stage is very important in the Critical Path method so that the process can run smoothly and there is no overlap or exchange.

3. Create an activity-on-node diagram

Activity on-node diagram or better known as Activity Network Diagram or Critical Path Analysis Chart (CPA) will describe the achievement that must be achieved in a project and the previous dependency has been determined.

The diagram in it will provide clarity on the project workflow that must be completed and can be made with several tools that suit you.

4. Determine activity settlement time

One of the things that should not be done in the Critical Path Method is to determine clear solution time. Before identifying a Critical Path, then you should be able to set how long it will take for an activity or task can be resolved.

The estimated time can be done based on previous experience or by the opinion of team members.

5. Identification of Critical Path

After successfully through various stages before, you can only identify for your project management. By paying attention to what has been made, it will look critical path and also the time needed in completing the project.

In addition, in this stage, you also have to identify or not the other critical path which is likely to be able to compete with the Critical Path which is originally known.

If indeed found, then the possible strategy or project schedule can change.

Benefits of Application of CPM Methods in Project Completion

The following are benefits that can be obtained if they can apply the Critical Path method properly.

  • The company can find out anywhere Critical Path while doing the project so that if a job delay is done, it will cause all the projects to be delayed.
  • Companies can accelerate project completion time if the work items contained on the business trajectory are accelerated.
  • Facilitate supervision or monitoring with the right critical path solution.
  • Being able to find out Time Slack or time concessions in workmanship, so will enable the company to move tools, workforce, and costs to various jobs that exist in Critical Path to be more effective and also more efficient.
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Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) program in CPM

The first party began to develop the first method was US Navy D in 1958. At that time, they developed the Missile System Polaris project. This method is proven to be able to reduce two years so that it can run more effectively in developing a weapons system. Since then, this type of Critical Path Method is starting to be used by various industries in the world.

PERT uses an approach that considers that the job completion period is very dependent on many factors so that the estimates are given a range, namely using three estimated numbers.

In addition, PERT also uses various other parameters to try to measure entertainment in more quantity, such as using standards and variants.

With this approach, the first has a more specific way to deal with various uncertainties that almost always occur in the implementation of work.

The Pert method will accommodate the calculation of three estimates of the duration of each activity, while in the Critical Path Method only one estimated duration. The three estimates of the duration are as follows:

  • A or optimistic period (optimistic duration time), which is the shortest time to be able to finish work if everything goes well and is also smooth.
  • M or most likely period (Most Likely Time), which is the most common period when compared to others if the activity is done repeatedly with almost the same conditions.
  • B or pessimistic period (pessimistic duration time), which is the longest time in completing a job.

The third time this estimate is used to calculate the most expected time.


Thus the complete explanation of us about the Critical Path Method. So, the Critical Path Method or CPM is a modeling technique that can be used by Project Managers in prioritizing activities or activities on a project.

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