Credit Card Processing Services Charge. Com

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We’re so confident that Charge. com has the bottom costs that we pays you $200 in finding an improved deal!If you locate a competitor of Charge. com offering a direct service provider account and an analogous hardware, application, or charge gateway that Charge. com presently offers, Charge.

com will beat the costs of the competitor’s offer otherwise pay you $200. And if you’re presently processing bank cards, then if you send us your most up-to-date bank card processing commentary, Charge. com will beat the competitor’s costs otherwise pay you $200. If you open a new Charge. com service provider account, and then find a lower offer later on, Charge. com will honor the good value guarantee for 30 days after beginning the account.

In order to take knowledge of the low in cost coverage, merchants must supply a contract from a competitor appearing the full fee time table, and the competitor must be a verifiable registered provider of Visa and MasterCard facilities or, for retailers already processing credit cards, retailers must supply a copy of their most up-to-date bank card processing commentary long with a copy in their fashioned service provider agreement that includes the whole fee schedule. When comparing costs, we shall analyze all costs including, but not limited to, processing fees, transaction fees, month-to-month fees, annual fees, cancellation fees, and costs for hardware, application, or charge gateway.

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