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Most currently, one of my friends, who is a very good teacher and also the President of American Marketing Association SoCal, asked my help for a visual identification assignment for a brand spanking new instructional application at the College of the Canyons. I accepted it immediately. In addition to my professional roles, I also like to channel my event and effort to volunteer projects concerning educational establishments and non for revenue and contribute in some minor way to their missions. Moreover, this task specifically excited me because the software’s undertaking was very unique and unparalleled.

I was commemorated to have a small part in it. The program, entitled “Arts and Business Learning Community” at the College of the Canyons, goes to be an interdisciplinary application targeting both Business and Fine and Performing Arts scholars. Curriculum might be designed to teach company students alternative art forms in a way that will foster their creativity, at an analogous time will teach scholars of Arts acting, dancing, portray etc… the fundamentals of business. This program is addressing an important and yet an unmet need for both areas: for enterprise people studying to be more artistic and for artists knowing the business of the humanities conducted. There is no other similar application in California, proposing this type of an instructional bundle and bringing together two distinct but truly quite complementary disciplines. Creativity consider broadcast media is appropriate to break via the industrial muddle and grab the shoppers’ attention.

Especially if you recall to mind the fact that, actual message exposure is 25 to 50 percent of program exposure. Brands are competing to get a share of the viewers’ already very restricted time and a focus. Under these circumstances, everyone feels the strain for developing ads that are attention grabbing and memorable. But there’s a fine line here. Most of the time, we are lacking the purpose.

The whole point of commercial is to get measurable outcomes. Obviously, this means prompt boom in sales or superior brand recognition, so that it will cause increased sales.

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