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You can spend your money to hire a brand ambassador, or you can leverage your event guests to be ambassadors. Show them a good time and you can bet they’ll be sharing their experiences with their friends and colleagues. Take it a step further and provide them with some swag, or plenty of instagrammable moments that will become conversation starters and promotional pieces that will get them singing your praises long after the party has ended. If they have a significantly large network, provide them with an incentive by offering a personal link to share where they earn a percentage of each ticket sold.

The more you know about how guests found you, the more informed you are in making decisions to promote in the right spaces online. You’re doing yourself a disservice if your registration platform doesn’t offer an analytics report or allow you to connect an analytics tool that will give you valuable data like how people are getting to your site and what motivates them to stay or purchase. Make sure you do your research about what platforms offer this feature and do your due diligence to make sure you get the most bang for your buck. hint: Eventbrite also offers this benefit at no additional cost to you.

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