Creating Community Marketing Strategies in Business

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Creating Community Marketing Strategies in Business

Creating Community Marketing Strategies in Business

The marketing mix activity known as the 4P (product, price, place, promotion) can now be made in different formats. Especially on the place side which is now more commonly known as community marketing or marketing community. This has been done by several brands with various activities accompanied by corporate activities or brand social responsibility. For example, the “AIA Village” activity has carried out community marketing strategy activities by directly engaging in a selected area. To provide support to residents, for various community empowerment activities.

This method is very effective in strengthening brand awareness. And is a fast way to create brand loyalty which in turn will affect sales. One of the ways that can be used so that a business can grow sustainably is by creating a community marketing strategy. This concept is a marketing strategy that focuses on the needs of existing customers, either directly or indirectly.

Get to know the term community marketing

The marketing strategy that’s currently being popularly administered by companies or business people is community marketing. Nowadays, there are more and more business people who realize that community is a fundamental factor for companies to convey their messages effectively. There are also many advantages that companies can get when implementing a community marketing strategy. Such as being able to spread the company’s message more effectively and expand the scope of message reception, as well as accelerate the delivery of messages to the target market.

Community marketing is a tactic that involves a brand or business interacting with a community of people who have the same passion. Currently, many interactions with communities are carried out in an online environment. Such as social media groups, targeted blog sites, or online message board forums. In the end, building a community in an online environment does provide business people or companies with important connections to customers so that they have a long and solid relationship. But on the other hand, conversations that occur online sometimes pose a risk if the customer will lose the personal touch of the business or company.

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Type of Community Marketing

The main point of the marketing community is to identify the community that is naturally attracted to the company’s brand, philosophy, products, or services. After that, focus your efforts and resources on nurturing the community’s growth. There are two types of marketing communities, namely:

• The organic marketing community, or what is called earned marketing, was created without the help of the brand. This community will work to connect and strengthen relationships among community members to create customer loyalty.

• The company is directly involved with the marketing community as a sponsor. Companies can support to promote the welfare of certain communities in society. Namely by giving time or money. This activity can be a form of corporate social responsibility.

Community Marketing Strategy

For those of you who are interested in implementing a community marketing strategy, here are some tips to ensure that you can apply it appropriately.

• Determine the target to be achieved and explain it to customers who join the community.

• Take advantage of the role of social media to interact with customers.

• Monitor responses from community members using social media.

• Ensure that your brand has a consistent image across multiple platforms.

• Build close and trusted relationships with customers.

• Understand how to track a business that is being run.

• Evaluating whether the way to carry out a community marketing strategy is right.

• Let the marketer community-run independently.

Until now, the community marketing strategy has become increasingly creative. The trend has now led to partnerships coupled with CSR programs, which involve an agency or local community. Like doing village or village branding. For the community itself, this will provide added value, while for brands it can increase consumer engagement. How, are you also interested in creating a community marketing strategy for your business?

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