CPA Mobile Advertising Networks Business of Apps

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AdColony formerly called Opera Mediaworks is one of the largest mobile ad networks globally. Its reach, 1,4 billion users globally, what sets it apart from other ad networks. A fully owned subsidiary of Otello Corporation ASA, AdColony is a world organization with over 20 places of work worldwide. Fyber is a leading mobile ads technology agency with headquarters in Berlin.

The mobile ad community by Fyber supports a broad range of parties – app developers, advertisers and businesses, other ad networks and DSPs. It combines proprietary applied sciences and advantage in mediation, RTB, video and audience segmentation to create holistic solutions that shape the future of the app economy. It suppliers advertisers with programmatic ad codecs that are IAB essential compliant Open RTB 2. 3, HTML5, VAST. With Fyber app builders can run video, interstitial, engagement and install campaigns.

Appness is an artistic and media buying lab for mobile commercials that adds marketers with access to the human cloud: freelance ad designers and in house commercials specialists powered by the platform’s clever ad optimization algorithms. The Appness platform was designed to dispose of the foremost complications encountered by advertisers in imposing ad campaigns and to help companies that lack advantage in user acquisition by streamlining and automating media buying procedures. Headquartered in Cyprus, Appness currently works with 1,000+ ad designers from all over the world and employs 50+ certified ads specialists.

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