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I knew there has been a need for CPA Exam Tutoring because I got good grades but then came the CPA Exam and all the reviews about it that I had heard, turned out to be true. What’s the real story?Do you think I, Darius Clark, the Kingmaker, passed the 1st time?No. I didn’t pass the first time. I didn’t pass the second one time either.

Then I took a year off from studying to verify whether I wanted it badly enough. I was going to must earn the Universal passing score of 75 just like everybody else. I knew that the AICPA was not likely to bring the exam down to my level just so that I could pass. Bottom Line, when I ultimately did pass the CPA Exam, I knew the material so well that may easily teach CPA Review. I had to pay my dues by being an administrator for the course, taking attendance, handing out books, and then came the day, I taught my first CPA Review Course.

I easily became their 1 instructor and taught live in person, for several years. The better part was that scholars would arise to me after class and asked if I could tutor them privately, in order that’s how Darius Clark’s i 75 CPA Review Course started. By 2009, I tutored one or two scholars per day, by 2012 about 3 or 4 students per day, then by 2015, I was tutoring 7 8 scholars per day, via skype. Right about 2015, I began to have a long ready list for tutoring. And it is when I made the inevitable determination to start a small CPA Review Course, and feature each recorded lecture, appear as if a one on one CPA Exam Tutoring session because the classes were so established and so successful.

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