COVID : What It Means for Your Marketing Research and Reports Super Spun Article

One of the continued regimens we hold at Convince and Convert is the persistent review and analysis of research reviews from dozens of resources. It’s a part of what allows us to base our ideation and recommendations on data as hostile to only good ideas. It comes as no surprise this year, the once a year glut of, “What new in for 2020” articles and trend analysis were effortlessly rendered obsolete by early March. The majority of the data assortment for all of the year end analysis reports came about in the third and fourth quarter of 2019 to capitalize on the commonplace New Year’s making plans frenzy and publishing cycle.

COVID 19 changed every thing. CMOs disregard economic pessimism as 73% expect COVID 19’s near term terrible impacts to be short lived, at odds with the expectancies of C suite colleagues. Despite their constructive outlooks, almost half of CMOs 44% are facing midyear budget cuts in 2020 as a direct results of the COVID 19 pandemic. Eleven percent expect their budgets to stand giant cuts of more than 15%. To reconcile their financial optimism with their budget boundaries, CMOs proceed to pursue fairly conservative growth recommendations, with 79% essentially relying on latest markets to fuel growth.

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