COVID pandemic proves to be pivotal moment for senior care

More automatically, skilled nursing, assisted living and other senior care facilities need a greater share of the COVID 19 relief funding as well as precedence testing and accessories, advocates said. Although long run care facilities were the most at risk of the outbreak, they were among the many last groups to get personal protecting equipment, checking out and funding, said Terry Fulmer, president of the John A. Hartford Foundation, which fits to enhance look after older adults. “We love to say we all know a person who is 100 years old, but we as a society look the other way in ensuring we supply pleasant care. ”Taking a longer view, advocates are pushing for a comprehensive funding in public health, an improved price architecture, a redecorate of physical space, a remodeled regulatory framework and a more cohesive care continuum.

“Our entire healthcare system is set up to do transactions as correctly as feasible as a result of all of them follow the cash, whether you’re for profit or not for profit,” said Vincent Mor, professor of health facilities, policy and observe at Brown University’s School of Public Health. “The virus has shown all the flaws which are apparent in a maximally efficient, transaction based healthcare system.

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