COVID / Coronavirus what to promote, what to sell, over ideas for affiliate marketers to make money during these trying times.

People need toilet paper just kidding… toilet paper options aka the trusty bum gun cpa offer, other corona related cpa offers like UV sanitizer, temperature meters, food rationing organization, masks, gloves, first aid kits, survival shit, military flashlight offers, coverage…. that you could find good offers on CPA networks like Verve, H8M8, M4TRIX, hit em up tell em Attila sent you for speedy approval. People need to kill boredome, and be entertained… Think NETFLIX referral offer, Amazon, HBO, etc — porn webcams, casino/gambling bitcoin based casino in the USA, games, VOD offers, … dating to speak with hotties online… not always meat due to fear of getting corona. People need peace of mind and safety… Insurance offers, funeral/life… psychology offers, astrology offers, iAmAttila is a serial entrepeneur that started performance internet marketing in 2008 constructing and rating sites.

After the google humminbird update made SEO ranking way harder he switched to paid commercials in 2012. Ever since switching to paid ads, he has spent over 8 figures in ad spend promoting a variety of verticals and adapting to new changes and demanding situations as they arise. on iAmAttila. com, the blog he shares contemporary suggestions, tips and tricks that work and helps readers learn about new online marketing alternatives. When he is not busy working although he works 12 14 hours day by day he enjoys touring with his family, playing with his dogs, BBQ, movies and studying new stuff.

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