Corporate Branding: Understanding and a powerful way to build it

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Corporate Branding: Understanding and a powerful way to build it

Corporate Branding Understanding and a powerful way to build it

Corporate Branding is one of the many very important aspects in the company’s marketing strategy as a whole. Because of this important role, it is only natural if the company must establish a number of brand actions, strategies, and guidelines that are used as a unique identity for brands and products.

Indeed, Corporate Branding is able to surpass what most people consider to be a logo, tagline, or special color scheme.

The application of this marketing strategy is also actually wider than the perspective. Well, on this occasion, we will provide a full explanation for you.

What is corporate branding?

Thermore from the Marketing 91 page, Corporate Branding is an activity in which marketers use company brand names as advertisers’ ventures on business identity on all comprehensive communication channels.

Attitude and also a spirit that is realized well behind the company’s products and services can provide an impression that is able to distinguish the company’s identity in the market and also in the minds of consumers.

Although corporate branding is still classified as a working scope of the marketing team, this strategy actually has a much broader concept and purpose of promoting products and company services.

If it can be well formed, this strategy is able to provide a competitive advantage for the company. In addition, the sale of products and services in the market can increase drastically because consumers realize the company through identity and also a strong brand name.

In addition, the good branding strategy will form a separate emotional feeling of consumers. If this good relationship has been formed, then the potential for loss of consumers can be minimized because the brand of brand loyalty arises in their respective minds.

Marketing experts and branding often formulate the explanation of corporate branding with the goals of their respective companies. But regardless of this, the true purpose of this corporate branding is differentiation.

That means, Corporate Branding which is focused on Corporate is expected to be able to distinguish the company or the product from its competitors on the market.

Corporate Branding Work Process

As previously explained, Corporate Branding is a marketing process that must be scheduled since the beginning of the company stands. Why? Because, the work process is not a thing that is able to solve in a short period of time

In it requires careful planning and also contributions from all employees if the company wants a successful branding strategy. So, what is the work process of the strategy? Here we provide the explanation:

1. Do the audit brand

The first work process of Corporate Branding is to do the work of the audit brand. Based on the Search Engine Journal page, the company’s management and marketing team must conduct analysis related to the advantages and disadvantages of each persona they have created on all communication channels.

They must check brand messages, company websites, visual identities, print collateral, etc. Afterwards, the new marketing team can determine which persona they have to fix and they maintain. Of course this must be done with the approval of every owner of interest in the company.

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2. Determine the company’s vision and mission

The next work process is to determine the vision and mission owned by the company. The marketer team must discuss and discuss all values ​​and also missions from the brand.

In determining this vision and mission, the important role of the leader of the discussion will be very necessary. The person can come from the company’s founding team or professional outsourcing workers who are experts in the branding field.

Later, this person will help give advice on all opinions that are channeled into the company’s main brand messages.

3. More than just a tagline

As it has been explained briefly before, this corporate branding strategy is more than a tagline that is able to lead new customers. The main objective is to provide identity on products and companies.

For this reason, after successfully forming corporate branding, each employee must respect and also follow the principle possessed by the company. why? Because so that your company’s identity is not underestimated by competitors and the public.

In fact, generally marketers will create guideline brands that can later be followed by other employees.

The importance of having corporate branding

Indeed, the Corporate Branding strategy made and also done carefully will be able to help improve the company’s brand equity by forming positive perceptions in the minds of customers.

In addition, there are several other factors that make corporate branding very important for companies. Reporting from the chron page some of these important factors are:

  • Corporate Branding is able to provide a very large profit margin
  • Able to increase marketing investment returns
  • Increase the value of the company’s shares
  • Help provide long-term plans
  • Facilitate marketing efforts.

Important elements in corporate branding

There are at least five important elements that must be in making corporate branding. The five elements are as follows:

1. Humans

Usually, various companies engaged in the service sector will provide services to consumers directly. Therefore, the company must be able to truly ensure that employees or Karywan who are recruited have met the company’s HR standards.

2. Value and priority

Various values ​​in the form of a vision and mission applied by the company are special guidelines that must be maintained even though the condition of the company is being deteriorated.

In addition, various values ​​must be able to run together with the company’s priority because both of these are the main foundation for the company in determining the company’s business strategy.

3. Innovation

The innovation carried out through Corporate Branding is claimed to be able to increase the value of the company’s credibility. Although it is indeed difficult, the innovation carried out on target is able to maintain the company’s reputation.

4. Quality

Promising high quality on brand products that you offer that means you should be able to fulfill the promise. If it is not in accordance with the promise, then the level of trust of the customer in the company you will disappear.

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5. Focus on consumers

Do good communication on each of your customers even though they are not part of your loyal consumer. The form of appreciation you do will be able to improve the company’s positive image.

Tips for building good corporate branding

Corporate Branding is arguably successful if it has been known by many people and able to produce a big profit for the company.

Well, here we provide effective tips in creating good corporate branding so that you can make it as a guideline.

1. Provide information about Brand in detail

One of the objectives of building Corporate Branding is to be able to capture consumers or partners as much as possible. Therefore, before providing important information about your brand to the public, then do a review related to your product so that later there will be no misunderstanding.

Give information in detail and honestly so that later consumers are not disappointed to use the products you have to offer.

2. Determine the right strategy

To help smooth business, you need the right strategy. By determining the corporate branding business strategy, you will be easier to achieve the target set. In addition, your company will also look more professional because the division of duties and responsibilities in the team will be more directed.

3. Pay attention to the look and character of the brand

In order for your display and brand to look more character, ask for help from experts to be able to create an impressive work. One way that your corporate branding is in demand by suppliers or consumers is to make an interesting design display than other brands.

4. Establish good communication with consumers

A business will not be able to run well without maintaining good communication with consumers. For this reason, give pleasure services in response to requests or complaints submitted by consumers, both through online media or direct telephone.

Try to ask for time to observe the product first if your consumer complains of the product.

5. Maintain consumer confidence

Many think that doing business is just about selling as many products as possible. For this reason, the trick in tricking consumers is also done to obtain for the maximum.

In fact, maintaining consumer confidence is one of the very important things in building a business. Corporate Branding can be said to be superior if you can maintain consumers from every customer.


Thus the explanation of us about corporate branding and tips in building good corporate branding. To be able to get maximum results, do periodically evaluations on your corporate branding.

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