Copywriting is: understanding and how to make effective copywriting

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Copywriting is understanding and how to make effective copywriting

Copywriting is: understanding and how to make effective copywriting

Copywriting is understanding and how to make effective copywriting

Copywriting is one of the most popular marketing elements, but most getting attention. But, copywriting actually has a big influence on the level of business success that is run.

If you intend to develop your business, then copywriting is an obligation you have to do. Copywriting even has a role that wants in the Content Writing field. Reporting from the Demand Metric page, using Content Marketing, you can cut marketing costs as much as 62% and able to produce more leads.

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is a method of making marketing material that can persuade the audience in it in order to carry out various actions that you want, such as buying a product or service, subscribing to the newsletter, contacting the Sales Explanation, etc.

Initially, copywriting was only used in making advertorial, sales letters, billboards, and other written marketing media. Therefore, this technique is called copywriting.

Namu, in the age of digital technology like today, copywriting is still considered an important thing. In addition to being poured in writing, this method can also be applied in making a video or podcast manuscript.

In addition, copywriting capabilities can also be applied in various marketing media, such as text on landing page, blog articles, post social media, headlines and meta descriptions, paid advertisements on Google or, social media, title and video descriptions of YouTube.

What are the types of copywriting?

1. Direct response copywriting

Direct response copywriting is a copywriting that functions to obtain direct responses from consumers. Examples such as directing them to click the CTA button, subscribe to eBooks, distribute a content, etc.

Generally, the type of copywriting is used in landing page, homepage, social media advertising, etc.

2. Marketing copywriting.

Marketing Copywriting is a copywriting that focuses on offering a product, providing a solution to consumers, and conveying the benefits of a product. The ultimate goal of this type of copywriting is convincing consumers to buy products or services.

Generally, this type of copywriting is used in email marketing and homepage.

3. Brand copywriting.

Brand copywriting is a type of copywriting that focuses on conveying the image and identity of a brand. In addition, this type of copywriting also distinguishes a brand with its competitors. Examples are like a slogan or brand tagline. Generally this copywriting is used on a logo or page “About Us”

4. SEO copywriting.

SEO Copywriting is a copywriting focus in attracting consumer attention and also positioning Google content. This copywriting is also written by fulfilling all SEO requirements. Generally, SEO copywriting is used in product descriptions, landing pages, and also the category of a product.

5. Technical copywriting.

This type of copywriting focuses more in providing deep knowledge related to how a product or service work. Generally, this type of copywriting is used on beauty, technology, or health products.

Why do you need copywriting?

What distinguishes copywriting by other writing? Isn’t the whole marketing material written by anyone? Not necessarily so, so you can increase the effectiveness of a promotion, you can’t do it carelessly.

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Without the copywriting technique, it is likely that you will only experience low sales, stagnant visitor traffic, no response on social media, rarely read blog articles or rarely distributed, at least download ebook, lunch email list, etc.

Tips for making attractive copywriting

Well, even though copywriting sounds like art than theory, then there are a number of steps you can make the text be more selling, the following are the steps you can make the text you can sell more.

1. Learn your product or service

Without recognizing products, content, or service services that you offer, you will not be able to market properly. That’s the reason why studying products is part of learning copywriting.

It also does not only apply to copywriting only, for those of you who are responsible for promoting personal businesses must also learn this. Unless you are the person who created the item.

After finishing studying the items you want to sell, you should write information that has been obtained into the description. This is done so that you have a reference in the process of writing.

In order to make it easier for you to make a product description, then you must know the uniqueness of your product, the featured feature, and the benefits that consumers will be obtained from the feature.

2. Understand audience requirements

Recognizing the audience is as important as understanding its own product. Why? Because the core of copywriting is not an advantage that you will get, but the benefits of the audience will get when using your product.

Just imagine if there are people who offer futsal shoes on you, even though you are a badminton player. Surely the offer is in vain, right?

In addition, understanding the audience is also useful for making marketing text that can sound more personal or on target. If you can do it well, it’s likely that there will be many people who are interested in buying your product.

Well, the first step you have to do in studying the audience is by giving a survey on the previous consumers.

You can get this condition easily if you have received their email. So, your task is just sending an email containing an invitation to fill the survey.

3. Determine the captivating headlines

As many as eight out of ten audiences will only read your headlines or titles. That means, you must be able to make a very interesting title.

In this case, you need a high level of creativity in order to make interesting headlines. But, the practice is not as difficult as you can imagine.

To make interesting headlines, you just have to explain the benefits you offer, make them buy immediately, and include an interesting percentage.

4. Support headlines with interesting leads

Headline or Title certainly must be able to attract the audience, because they are in the front row. However, it is not necessarily interested in reading articles, newsletters, or landing pages further after clicking the title.

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For this reason, an interesting headline must be able to be supported by leads or appetizers that are also interesting. Some of the way you can do to make an interesting lead is to show empathy, start with facts, or make your audience very curious.

5. Write a quality copy

Although headlines and leads are one of the very important parts in the copywriting technique, but you also still have to pay attention to the main part of writing or commonly called copy.

Some of the way you can do to make a quality copy is to use words or simple sentences, write for one person, explain the benefits of the audience, and also utilize subheading.

6. End with persuasive

Whatever the purpose of your copywriting text, in the event that you still have to include the invitation to do an action you want. Both the action to buy products, subscribe content, newsletter list, etc.

To make this invitation, you must use CTA or Call-to-Action. CTA is a button, banner, or form that contains the commands on your audience. On the digital service website, some CTA examples commonly used are “Register Now”, “Try Now”, or “From Now”

But, it’s a good idea that you make is not just about pushing the audience in giving their commitment. At the same time it must also provide benefits to your audience.

The use of CTA on blog articles is not much different. Forms to try Accurate online at the bottom of this article are easy examples.

This CTA invites you to register your email address. Instead, you can try Accurate online for free for 30 days.

But the point is, the elements in CTA at the end of the marketing media should not only be in the form of commands that benefit you, but also able to provide clear benefits to the audience.


Thus the explanation of us about copywriting. So, copywriting is a method of making marketing materials that can persuade the audience in it to carry out various actions that you want.

Some of the types of copywriting that are widely used are Direct Response copywriting, marketing copywriting, brand copywriting, SEO copywriting, and technical copywriting.

In order for your copywriting to attract many audiences, then you should be able to learn your product or service, understand the needs of the audience, determine the charming headlines, support headlines with interesting leads, write quality copies, and end it with persuasive sentences.

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