Copywriter 101: Definition and Tips

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Copywriter 101: Definition and Tips

Copywriter 101 Definition and Tips 1

You may often hear or also see this term is widely used now, especially in the world of work. If you type the word copywriter in the search column on various online platforms of job vacancies, you will find a lot of companies or industries, whether it’s a startup company (startup) or a large multinational scale company looking for this professional filler.

So, what is this copywriter, and what is the scope of work? Let’s find out by reading our article!

What is a copywriter?

The copywriter is a text writing profession that has the aim of promoting or also marketing existing products and services from clients/companies where it works.

In recent years, this profession is increasingly rampant and becomes popular. This is due to business developments that are no longer conventional in the era of rapid technological developments. Existing companies or brands have begun to realize the importance of their representation in various existing media, both online and offline.

The copy itself is a work produced by a copywriter. Posts that are loaded or published are usually in the form of information, the benefits, and the advantages of a product or service that makes the brand look valuable.

This copy also means the text that has persuasive properties, to encourage changes in views or trust of the recipient/audience.

So, a good copy is a copy that successfully persuades the recipient of his message to ultimately decide to buy or use the product/service that is marketed and become a loyal customer.

What’s the difference between copywriting and content writing?

Copywritective and content writing are two different things that are often considered the same. Here’s the difference:

Content Writing.

Content Writing is the process of creating content/messages that have value to be submitted to the public. The aim can be a lot but the point is what is related to a business like marketing, commercial, and so on.

Often, writing this content is used to attract potential customers or potential customers to be educated about the products/services offered by a brand. There are many types of works for content writing, namely blog posts, articles, news, press releases, and so on.

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Content Writing is more intended for the marketing of its content

Writing content here means producing content that can market the maximum product/service. Simple explanation, the process of writing this content can help you to market the product/service of a brand.

Good and good content is that can reach the target audience and also achieve its goals, namely product sales and services.


This copywriting is a processing material that can succeed in content writing. So, copywriting can also be referred to as the type of technique in the content writing that we previously explained the definition.

Copywriting is also an attractive content-making and certainly has value so that it can promote a brand. In this case, it is different from Content Writing because you don’t have to change your audience’s behavior but at least make them understand and be interested in your brand.

At some time or past, this copywriting may not be a separate profession because it is combined with the department or advertising division.

But now, his profession has been separated to be more focused on increasing the involvement of viewers and supporting the main objective of Content Writing, namely sales.

There is also the term SEO copywriting that is developing now because of the increasing online audience. This SEO copywriting itself means the process of making a copy that has a high level of visibility in a search engine like Google.

Copywriting is more intended for branding

Copy or copy made must have a reason for branding (brand/brand imaging). So the copy made can be said to be a big success if the brand’s value increases or increases to increasingly looks good and good. This brand imaging also means a business to tell your audience about why your brand is important and valuable.

It’s the same as writing content, your copy/copy also needs to attract the attention of many people. But with this copywriting, the results must be more advanced than content writing, because this technique becomes the main gate of people to change attitudes to finally want to transact.

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Want to be an online freelancer, especially a freelance copywriter? Read the following article!

Copywriting Tips

Here are some tips on writing good content to help you achieve the destination for making the content itself!

  • Write your content with the correct process, namely the purpose, the form of structure, develop the framework and add your creativity
  • The essence of the content itself must be a rich experience for the good audience to read, watch or hear and also think
  • Convey your content directly and clearly
  • Strengthen your argument with data and facts
  • Wake up the audience’s trust by being yourself and not trying to imitate the way of delivery from other brands
  • If you make a statement about your brand, use clear and easy-to-understand language. It helps your audience to feel connected in a fast time. If there is a need to describe the message, try to give a detailed explanation. Don’t assume people can understand your brand by themselves but also don’t make the audience feel stupid.

How, Does this article help you understand the world of writing in the digital era? If you have recognized the copywriting technique and how to work the copywriter opportunity, you can immediately start to write quality articles for your site!

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