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Technical Cookies, divided into essential cookies which come with browsing/session cookies and assure the normal browsing and use of the Website, statistical cookies among that are blanketed analytical cookies assimilated to technical cookies in appreciate that they bring together suggestions in mixture form in regards to the variety of visits made by the users how these latter visit the Website. They are useful to the control of the Website which will optimize the context thereof; useful cookies which permit the user to browse on the idea of a chain of standards particular, equivalent to the language and merchandise certain for purchase. Air Dolomiti uses the remarketing function of Google Inc. “Google” on the Website. This feature is carried out via cookie generation and is used to show attention based ads to visitors on sites of the Google Advertising Network: on these pages, guests may be shown ads, that refer to the interactions the visitor had formerly on our Website.

Google claims not to bring together any personal advice in this system. You can set the option to opt out for cookies to stay away from these online affiliate marketing networks from placing cookies to your device and amassing data.

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