Conversion rate: understanding and how to maximize it

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Conversion rate understanding and how to maximize it

Conversion rate: understanding and how to maximize it

Conversion rate understanding and how to maximize it

When doing marketing campaigns online, we definitely need a clearer parameter to measure the success of the campaign. Well, one parameter that can be used to be able to calculate the success rate of this online marketing campaign is the Conversion rate.

However, before we discuss the conversion rate deeper, it is better for us to understand the understanding of the Conversion Rate itself. For that, read the article below.

Definition of Conversion Rate

The Conversion Rate itself consists of two syllables, which Conversion has a meaning of situations where web visitors do an action that is beneficial for business. This action can vary, starting from being subscribers, registering members, downloading ebooks, to make a purchase.

So, the Conversion rate is a percentage of website visitors who carry out a profitable action for business people from a total website visitor.

To calculate the Conversion rate is to divide the number of conversion that occurs on one of the websites with the total visitor page from your website. Then, the results of the division are multiplied by 100.

Why is the Conversion rate important?

Maybe some of you have wondered why we have to struggle to count it? What is the number of traffic and shares on social media is not enough to assess the success of online marketing campaigns?

Yes, the answer is certainly not enough. The number of traffic and also shares contained in social media are not enough to make the parameters of the success of the online marketing campaign.

So, for example PT ABC is able to reach a super high traffic of 100,000 visitors per month and there are only 5 people who buy products. But the competitor, namely PT XYZ is able to win 10,000 visitors per month with the total purchase of 500 people per month.

Which is more benefited? Of course PT XYZ will be better able to benefit because the number of buyers is far more than PT ABC,

So, whether this traffic does not become important again? Not really. You must keep pursuing a lot of traffic, but at the same time it must also prepare a strategy on how to change high traffic to leads or your customers.

What is the ideal conversion rate number?

Based on published research Wordstream, the average conversion rate in all industrial fields is 2.35%. Then, as many as 25% of online business people were also able to achieve the Conversion Rate value of 5.31%. In fact, other 10% are able to get a large percentage, which is 11.45%

So, what should the percentage be targeted? In answering this question, you must first calculate the achievement of your previous Conversion Rate.

If your previous percentage number just touched 0.3 or 0.5%, then the 2.5% target was the most reasonable. However, if your previous percentage is 2%, then you can target it to more numbers.

7 How to Improve Conversion Rate (Conversion Rate Optimization)

In order to touch the Target Conversion Rate that you have previously applied, then you need a lot of ways. The way to increase this percentage is commonly called the Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). Well, here are 7 ways to increase CRO.

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1. Create a text in the form of a blog

Make CTA or Call-to-Action in the form of images, text, or buttons. CTA with text forms in blog articles, although it looks simple, but in fact it can produce a pretty large conversion rate.

According to research conducted by Hubspot, 93 their leads turned out to come from CTA in the form of text. While CTA in the form of a banner at the end of the blog is only able to contribute 6% of leads. Even though it really looks simple, but the CTA text turns out to have proven its effectiveness.

2. Take advantage of pop ups

Another way you can use to increase the conversion rate is to use pop up. In this case, you can set the pop up display on the website page that has the potential in producing a high level of conversion rate.

If you use a WordPress CMS, then use the plugin like optinmonster to be able to make attractive pop ups. You can choose the types of websites that match your website page. It is recommended to conduct trials on two types of pop ups on one page to see which type of pop up is more effective to produce conversion.

3. Do the Landing Page trial

The next method is to test the Landing Page. Landing Page is one of the very important elements to determine the level of the Conversion rate you will get

Landing Page is a website page that is deliberately created to increase your Conversion rate level. Links on the landing page must be made simpler than the website’s main page so that each visitor is able to make purchasing decisions, sign up, or subscribe newsletters.

In terms of creating a landing page page, you must create two versions and do testing. Then, pay attention to which landing Page can produce conversion.

4. Get easy visitors to contact Customer Service

Even though all the information, specifications, prices, and all terms and conditions have already included on the webpage, sometimes there are still visitors who still want to ask customer service before they make a purchase.

They want to be more convinced that the purchase they will do is the best decision. For this reason, in this case your customer service or sales team has an important role. You must be able to make website visitors easier to contact you.

You can apply it by creating an assistance chat icon on the entire website page in the right corner on each website page. Then, add the phone number icon or chat in the header or footer section so that web visitors are easier to contact Customer Service.

5. Promotion through chat help

When you are promoting on the website, then you can also do promotional offers via chat aid. There is a possibility that your website visitors haven’t realized the promotion you are running.

Well, the benefit of this help chat is to realize or remind them not to miss interesting promotions on your website.

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6. Potential blog optimization

If you have applied the Content Marketing strategy on a blog for more than a year, it is likely that there will be articles that have the potential to be able to produce conversion than other articles.

You don’t have to display pop ups on your entire blog page, enough on some potential articles capable of increasing conversion.

Do the selection of articles, then identify articles capable of producing high traffic, but the performance of the conversion rate is not satisfactory. It could be that some articles that you wrote in the previous year were able to produce large traffic, but had not produced a conversion. In this case, you can use Google Analytic help.

In addition, you also have to optimize articles that have produced high conversion. Make sure to always update content on articles that have produced high conversion so that the content in it is always in accordance with visitors.

7. Do remarketing

As much as any effort you have done to increase the conversion rate¬ł in reality there will be more visitors who leave the web without doing anything.

What’s more if the average value of the conversion rate is only about 2%. That is, of the 100 visitors who come, then it is possible for only two people who convert on your website. But, that doesn’t mean you have just resigned.

The next way to increase the Conversion rate is with remarketing. Remarketing will help you to display advertisements directly on those who have visited your web.

When they have left your web, whether it makes purchases or not, they will later begin to see your various ads on the website, social media, or applications on the smartphone.

The aim is to maintain an intent buying or the desire to buy from potential potential customers or those who have become consumers.


Conversion Rate is one of the indicators that is very important to be able to determine the success of online marketing campaigns. More and more people want to do conversion, the higher the advantage you will get.

For this reason, every businessman must be able to encourage every visitor to the website to conversion.

However, high conversion rates cannot be obtained easily. You have to do various ways of optimization so that you can get the Target Conversion Rate that you have specified. Even though it’s not easy, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. You can do seven ways above to increase the Conversion Rate consistently.

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