Contents 木火, Room , /F., Block B, Jumbo Industrial Building, Wai Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong

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Started out as a design studio for Brand and Logo Design in 2014, today, we’ve developed something more. Our work comes across all forms of inventive disciplines, be it electronic, online, social media, print, interiors or retail design. At the tip of the day, we’ve just one goal in mind: we help brands to grow in value and enterprise by creating clear messages and interesting experiences. Over the years, we now have won credit from partners equivalent to Saucony US Headquarter, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Headstart group, Cordis Hotel, Miramar Group, Charterhouse hotel, BATCH journal, Innity, Asia Star Media, Tempting Tastes, Adelina, Waterford Early Learning, and lots of more.

Campaign logo design for Petrof Pianos reliable International Piano Competition Petrof 國際鋼琴比賽 Petrof International Piano Competition PIPC staycoolandcreative PetrofInternationalPianoCompetition PIPC Petroflogothornslogoinspirationsgraphicdesign illustrationlogo logodesign logodesigner logotype logoinspire logoplace minimallogo logomk icons iconaday typography thedailytype typographyinspired graphicdesigncentral thedesigntip typetopiabranding thebrandidentity identity identitydesign interiordesign productdesign architecture 【TVB 文化廣場】今次真係要多謝 TVB!感謝 節目報導有關 「螳螂拳黃漢勛宗師與新武化運動藏品」展覽。展期直至 2017年2月28日於中文大學圖書館舉行。Thanks TVB for broadcasting the news of “The Praying Mantis School Master Wong Hon Fan and the Revitalisation Movement of Martial Arts” exhibition. The event continues to be on going till 28th Feb, 2017 at The Chinese University of Hong Kong Library. Video source TVB: vyhJYVideo appearing is for instance purposes only. The video starts from 22:03 Follow us on Instagram:exhibition exhibitionbranding eventbranding graphicdesign graphic bookletdesign bookdesign武藝薪傳 黃漢勛宗師 螳螂拳 中國武術 kungfu tonglongkungfu tanglangquan 【Talk and Performance section on Praying Mantis School 講座暨螳螂拳觀摩會】感謝各界踴躍參與是次活動。展覽仍在進行中(展期至明年 2 月28日),有興趣的人仕可親臨中文大學圖書館參觀。十分感謝師兄 Tony Lau 把【講座暨螳螂拳觀摩會】的活動短片分享到 YouTube。現在我們重溫一下吳玉華師兄於當日演示「螳螂偷桃」的片段。Thank you very much for all of the guests for participating the Talk and Performance section on Praying Mantis School on last Saturday. The Exhibition will last until 28th Feb, 2016. Thank you once again Mr.

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Tony Lau for sharing the video highlight on YouTube. Let’s rewind back the functionality by Mr. 吳玉華 on his “Mantis stealing peach” 螳螂偷桃. Video source by Mr.