Content Promotion Tactics to Help Your Great Content Get Amazing Exposure

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2. Create modular content for repurposing. Another highly positive method is to identify topical segments of your main content material and cluster them together for variations on the theme in repurposed content material. If your content is set topics X, Y and Z then that you would be able to take all of the ideas about X and either: submit in a different format like turning a blog post into an ebook as I’ve done down below, or add some new insights about topic X to these from your common content and post it as a deeper dive on the area. Repurposing has various options and I’ll bring a few more up further in the list.

8. Reassemble modular interviews into new content. Identify a set of 10 trade experts / influencers and interview them. It’s often best firstly only one question as mentioned above, then follow up to ask more. Make 3 4 of the questions very actual and designed to awaken tactical answers.

Be sure to use SEO keywords in the questions. Publish all the 10 interviews a week or month apart. After that, take all of the solutions to one of the vital tactical questions and gather into a new post about that very real topic. Add a your individual insights or catch tips from a few new influencers to spice it up and don’t be afraid to put up as an infographic, motion photograph or eBook. Do the same for any other tactical questions and solutions as well.

New codecs provide you with new put up and promotion alternatives. 10. Pitch business guides with exclusive memories. With bigger content material assets and especially those concerning analysis or truly newsworthy information, it pays to identify trade guides and pitch story ideas. With enough increase notice, which you can see the imminent themes for a ebook in their editorial calendar. If a staff journalist is unresponsive, analysis contributing authors with story ideas.

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Your story is the content—but you may even be capable of link back to useful components that assist the facts of the tale. The more unique, robust and interesting, the much more likely a proper aid in your brand site might be linked to by the ebook.