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Published by VM Press, Phoenix, Arizona. No part of this book may be produced, stored in a retrieval system,or transmitted whatsoever, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or differently, with out written permission from the publisher. No patentliability is believed with resepect to using the assistance containedherein. Limit of Liability/Disclaimer of Warranty: While the publisher and authorhave used their best efforts of preparing this book, they make no representations or warranties with appreciate to the accuracy or completeness ofthe contents of this book and particularly disclaim any implied warrantiesof merchantability or fitness for a distinctive aim. No warranty may becreated or prolonged by sales representatives or written sales components.

Theadvice and methods contained herein is probably not appropriate to your situation. You should check with knowledgeable where appropriate. Neither the publisher nor author shall be chargeable for any loss or profit or any other advertisement damages, adding but not restricted to particular, incidental, consequential,or other damages. The thing that Arnie and Brad truly get right in his extraordinary new book is that thestrategy is not with reference to creating the content its actually using it with the intent to movethe business. Robert Rose, Chief Strategy Officer, Content Marketing InstituteThe new query isnt for those who do content marketing, its accurately HOW do you docontent marketing effectively.

This is the actionable playbook for which youve been ready. Recommended!Jay Baer, New York Times bestselling author of YoutilityThis book can and for plenty, should serve as a first step to upgrading your contentmarketing practices. Arnie and Brad deeply be mindful the relationship between content,marketing strategy, traffic opportunities, and sales, and whats better, have made thatinformation useful and available. Rand Fishkin, founder, MozAt the latest Content Marketing World conference, I was asked for an agencyrecommendation. Without hesitation, Arnie Kuenn and Vertical Measures leapt to mindbased on his years of validated competencies. Get this book and adventure that expertisefor yourself.

Brian Clark, Founder and CEO of Copyblogger MediaGive people what theyre searching for its a successful approach every time. And what theyseek is content material, answers to their questions!A center around content material is often a wise investment,so learn, invest and prevail!Duane Forrester, BingContent advertising and marketing works, but provided that you follow the recommendation on this insightful book!Andy Beal, author of Repped: 30 Days to a Better Online ReputationMany agencies and organizations big and small fight to be mindful what the essenceof content material advertising and marketing truly is. But in this work, Arnie Kuenn, one of the true pioneers inthis space, has explained how to realize content material advertising achievement in a way that not onlywill everyone get it, but theyll also be able to implement its concepts and strategiesimmediately to get outcomes. Well done Mr. Kuenn!Marcus Sheridan, president, The Sales LionFor most dealers, content material advertising is a big failure prone experiment.

WithContent Marketing Works, youll detect that its a pragmatic, proven, and, most significantly, predictable manner that you can replicate yourself. Pawan Deshpande, CEO, CurataOne of the largest proponents of remodeling your enterprise with inbound advertising ishaving a concrete content material technique. The Kuenns not just identify how crucial is it forbusinesses today to embody content material that allows you to allure, engage, and enjoyment customers, butthey outline every step of the method from planning to sharing to analyzing your efforts. Whether youre just getting started with content material or want to improve your current technique,read this guide. Your audience will thank you.

Mike Volpe, CMO, HubSpotContent Marketing Works wisely emphasizes that content advertising is a system, not aproject. Just as a zine doesnt publish a single issue, nor should your content material program. Arnie and Brad take an advanced and important element of contemporary business and demystifies it with case reviews, guide, and an 8 Step guide. Nicely done. If you want to know how to do content advertising and marketing RIGHT from start to finish this isthe book for you!Melissa Fach @SEOAwareArnie knows content material advertising and marketing, he was preaching content material advertising before it becameall the trend in the Internet advertising world.

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Content advertising DOES work and nomatter your skill level, you WILL learn from this book!Matt Siltala, president, Avalaunch MediaIn succession to Accelerate, Arnie has controlled to jot down an alternative great book that addresses many points of content advertising which are missing from other books, but are stillimperative to proper execution. He truly speaks with insight and event, and givesactionable assistance that all levels of content agents will find useful. A must havefor every content material sellers library. Rob Garner, Chief Strategy Officer, Advice Interactive; author ofSearch and Social: The Definitive Guide to Real time Content Marketing. From the why to the how, Arnie and Brad have laid it out with a practical method thatwill save you months of costly mistakes.

Andy Crestodina, Principal, Strategic Director, Orbit MediaSuccessful content advertising isnt always concerning the big viral moment. Using a provenprocess that drives consistency is key. Content Marketing Works adds that provenprocess for achievement. Pamela Muldoon, Next Stage Media GroupContent Marketing really does work!Know why?Because its all about exceptional. Arnieand the team at Vertical Measures have always gotten this right!This book brings calmand focus to the crushed and pro marketer, alike.

And it even addresses howto conquer the doubting boss!A job well done. Stoney deGeyter, Author, The Best Damn Web Marketing Checklist, Period!and CEO of Pole Position MarketingJust once you think nothing more can be said about content advertising that hasnt beensaid before, Arnie Kuenn turns around and wows us once again with another enormously valuable tome on how to persuade the powers that be that content advertising works. And he does it very, very well, covering all types of real, latest examples and casestudies, putting in combination a useful resource that pays big dividends for any agency tryingto transition to a content tradition. If youre having issue selling content material marketing into the c suite, here is the only book you’ll need. A phenomenal addition to the library ofgreat content marketing books!Jon Wuebben, Founder/CEO, Content LaunchSince I first met Arnie on an SEO convention panel 4 years ago, both he and hiscompany have grown to embody the actual definitive of content material kings.

In ContentMarketing Works, not just does he explain in simple, repeatable and logical steps howand why he merits a crown himself, but also why this book will be on the desk ofevery enterprise that desires to compete in a content material centric, content material hungry, online world. Grant Simmons, author, speaker, sailor VP of Search Strategies,For Rent Media SolutionsArnie can provide a magnificent blueprint for fulfillment in todays world of organic search. Jim Bader Sr. Manager SEO for a leading healthcare companyA definitive how to lead for content advertising. Any businesses that have not embracedthe reality that all brands are publishers needs to read and enforce Content Marketing Works. Arnie shares the blueprint to getting probably the most out of your online marketingefforts.

just add a bit creativity and the self-discipline to remain not off course. Matthew OBrien, CEO of MINT SocialContent Marketing isnt a new concept Arnie wrote that book years ago, and weveall bought off. From my event however, correctly operationalizing content advertising and marketing programs continues to be an important topic. If you’re one of the many browsing forrepeatable consequences via sustainable processes, and maybe some internal programbuy off, Content Marketing Works is a must. Mike Corak, EVP of Strategy, Scottsdale Managing Director,ethologyIntroductionxxThe I vs.

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WexxLets Get StartedxxAnd then Reality HitsxxiWhat Have the Last Three Years Taught the Content MarkingIndustry?xxv30 Day Trials Never WorkxxviUnderstanding the Shift to Content Marketing the BasicsxxixContent Marketing: A DefinitionxxxYour Customers Are Online Right NowxxxThe Search Engines Have a GoalxxxiRelevance and Ranking in the Search ResultsxxxiiUnderstanding the Search Engine Results PagexxxivEveryone is Social and Theyre Talking OnlinexxxviGoing Forward: Searchers Are Telling You Howto Market to Them!xxxviiDeveloping a Content Marketing MindsetxxxiiiStep 1: Strategy Development Business Success via a Solid Content Marketing Strategy Content Marketing Should be a Continuous PracticeBe the ExpertCreate Personas around Your Target AudienceWho will Create your Content?Where will the Content be Published?Establish Your Strategic GoalsStep 4: Optimization107Todays SEO Landscape107Optimizing Your Content108Search Engine Optimization: Understanding the Algorithm110Duplicate Content112Indexing114Keywords and Rankings115Optimizing Your Pages for the Web116Optimizing the Page Body119Optimizing Images for Search121Optimizing Videos for Search124Optimizing for News Sites126Optimizing for Local Search128Optimizing for Mobile132Step 5: Content Promotion136How to Use Social Media Interactions for Earned ContentPromotion137Facebook139Twitter143Google+145LinkedIn147Pinterest150Instagram153Reddit154StumbleUpon156Using Paid Media to Boost Promotional Efforts157Press Releases and Media Outreach169Attract Links to Your Content173Developing Relationships, Building Partnerships174Step 6: Distribution 178Finding the Right Distribution Channels for Your Content179Step 7: Lead Nurture200The Importance of Lead Nurture201How Lead Nurture Can Work for Your Business202How a Prospect Moves during the Phases205Become the Expert206Nurture Leads via Content Creation207Automated Lead Nurture214An Automation Case Study216A Real World Look at Lead Nurture218Measurement220Step 8: Measurement222Measuring Your Contents Overall Progress222Managing Traffic Patterns227Measuring Traffic and Time on Page229How to Measure Referral Traffic231Measuring Your Content Downloads232Maintain Your Content to Get the Most Value From It234Defining Your Content Marketing Success236Take What You Have Learned and Adapt237Test Everything!238Return on Investment239What Can You Measure?241How to Convince Your Boss to Invest in Content Marketing 1. Know your Audience: Make a Personal Pitch2. Educate: What Is Content Marketing?3. Prove Value4. Confront Objections5.

Show Them What Theyre Missing ACKNOWLEDGEMENTSWhen I wrote my first book, Accelerate!, I understood why the acknowledgment part of a book is so crucial and why it can get pretty long. As I said in that acknowledgement, an authors name goes on the duvet,the writer gets the credit for the book, and the author gets all the interest. But I now know for a indisputable fact that it takes a team to get a book posted. In fact, I could never write it on my own. Without my son Brad, this bookmight never have took place. People in our office and across the industry have been asking me to writeAccelerate 2.

0 for a long time. Anyone who has ever written a book knowshow hard it is to put in writing the 1st one, not to mention the second. So procrastinate I did. Until in the future Brad says, Come on pops, Ill can help you!Andhelp he did Brad provided writing, deep research, expert data, editing skills to help make this book happen. So, even though the book iswritten in first person, it was truly a team effort.

Once Brad and I decided to write down this book we knew we had to assemblea team to get it done. That team contains the following people we surehope we havent forgotten anyone:Quinn Whissen is basically the task supervisor ensuring all and sundry set and hit their cut-off dates. Not only that, she wrote the bulk of Step 7covering lead nurturing. She is our advertising and marketing supervisor, therefore will alsobe taking charge of promoting the book. This book actually couldn’t havehappened with out her.