Content marketing strategy: understanding and practical way of running it

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Content marketing strategy: understanding and practical way of running it

Content marketing strategy understanding and practical way of running it

Most of us are certainly no stranger to online marketing terms. Online Marketing also consists of various types. One type of online marketing is Content Marketing. If you have started a content marketing strategy and has understood the meaning or already used it in some time before, it never hurts to re-review your Content Marketing strategy.

For this reason, it is very important for you to make a smart and solid content marketing plan, if you experience difficulties in designing a content marketing strategy or needing a new idea in running it, then this article will be very useful for you. But before that, let’s discuss first about understanding content marketing.

Understanding Content Marketing.

Reporting from the Content Marketing Institute, the Understanding Content Marketing can be interpreted as a marketing strategy that focuses on producing and channeling valuable, consistent and relavan content with the aim of more manarik and getting customers who can generate profits on business.

At present, many of the digital marketing actors have understood the importance of content marketing in their marketing strategy. Based on the survey conducted by the Content Marketing Institute, 40% of marketers in the B2B business model said that they made many content more often in 2017 than in 2016.

7 Content Marketing Strategies

1. Determine your marketing goals

Know the reason and what makes you interested in using content marketing, so this will help you determine what things are suitable to be applied in your marketing strategy.

2. Perform Research Buyer Persona

To run a successful marketing strategy, then you must know your target customers or your person’s buyer. That way, you will be helped in making content more relevant and interesting for your customers, so that later they will be willing to buy your product or service.

If you are experienced enough in the field of marketing, changes in target customers is a reasonable. Reflect customers by conducting research every year will be useful so that you can re-evaluate your marketing strategy.

3. Do content audit

In general, most people will start the content marketing by creating a blog post. In fact, you can still make other types of content to help your business. For example, if every week you always post a blog post, then try to create an e-book to combine various blog posts that you have made with uniform themes so that they can be used as a complete guide.

If you have made a lot of content, then what you have to do is reevaluate all the content you have made. Can the content increase sales, brand awareness or traffic on your website? From this, you can start what steps you want to run the following year.

4. Select the Content Management System

CMS or Content Management System is an application that will help you create and change digital content. Various features that must be on a good content management system are content creation, Content Publication, and Content Analytics.

5. Think of your content ideas

At this stage, it’s time for you to prepare your content. Some tools that you can use are:

  • Hubspot Website Grader.
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These tools are very useful for seeing your marketing development, starting from blogging to social media marketing. The Grader website will do and determine the value in some of the most important areas in your Content Marketing Strategy, then you can use it in optimization or repairing certain areas. These tools can even change your content to be more SEO-friendly and can easily find various new ideas.

  • What to Write.

With What to Write, you can find what content ideas are suitable for your website. These tools will ask you for the brainstorming process. In addition, these tools will also provide articles on you after you have successfully answered.

  • Feedly

This RSS feed is very famous for tracking topics that are currently popular in your business and will find interesting topic models.

  • Buzzsumo.

Buzzumo will use Social Media Share as a medium in determining whether there are content that is popular or many liked by many people. So, the information can be used later to be used as an idea in making content.

  • Content Forest

Content Forest will help you find popular content owned by your competitors, keywords used by your competitors, and the right content ideas in one place.

  • Blog Post Headline Analyzer

This tool will analyze headlines and titles, and will provide feedback about the volume of keywords, grammar, optional words, and long keywords. If you already have an idea of ​​content, then you can make several choices of judu, then this tool will maximize it appropriately.

6. Determine what type of content you want to make

As we have previously discussed, the type of content will have an influence on content that attracts the attention of many people. After you think of what topics you will discuss, then you have to think about what type of content you want to make. There are several types of content that you can choose, namely blog posts, ebooks, templates, infographics, videos, podcasts, and external content.

7. Manage your content using Calendar Editorial

If you have done the six points above, then the next step you need to do is set and manage your content. To be easier, you can use the editorial calendar.

Simply put, this calendar is a work document that will give information rights to all those involved in making content related to what is needed, submission, promotion of content strategy plans, etc. Some critical questions that must be on your editorial calendar are about who, where, when, and why your content strategy is created.

  • Who?

Who on the team has responsibility for the manufacture, publication, and content promotion. Another question is who is the target of the content?

  • What?

What purpose do you want to achieve in making these content? What information will you include and what the customer’s actions do you want after they see your content? Besides that, what format will you use? Video, blog posts, infographic, or podcasts? Remember that the various content you make can be repositioned to other formats.

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A blog post can be easily converted into infographic content. Editorial calendar is the right place to be able to change the format.

The last question, what channel will you use to promote the content? You have many choices of channels, such as Youtube, websites, blogs, Facebook Page, etc. In addition, you can also take advantage of paid promotions to promote your content.

The editorial calendar is also a good place to save URL sites related to the content that has been aired.

  • When?

When should you plan all important dates that are closely related to the manufacture and distribution of your content? Make sure to be able to give enough time to develop all written and visual elements that you want to include your content, such as infographics, images, graphics, etc.

  • Why?

Why do you have to make this content marketing? What results do you expect from him? Mapping all answers to this question will ensure the purpose of content so that it is in line with the company’s goals, and can show you where you have to add certain resources.

By creating an editorial calendar, you will also be able to record the various results that you have done, including the entire details about the actual results. So, you can understand where your success is and allow you to prepare for other content audits.

How? Already understand the understanding of content marketing and ready to run the strategy?

Performing Content Marketing activities is indeed time consuming, creativity and energy. However, the business will pay off with success. You can build the entire foundation of your content marketing plan by using the right tools and preparing various strategies through the way above.

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