Consumer purchase behavior: understanding, factor, and type of buyer

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Consumer purchase behavior: understanding, factor, and type of buyer

Consumer purchase behavior understanding factor and type of buyer

Have you heard of consumer purchasing behavior? Imagine, how many times have you made a decision throughout the day? What should I use today, what perfume should I use? What will I eat for lunch?

If you think about it, you make a lot of purchasing decisions every day without thinking too much about it.

This decision, however small, makes marketers stay awake at night. Because by knowing the process and behavior of consumer purchases means we can use it to increase the income in business.

The following is a complete discussion of consumer purchasing behavior:

What is the behavior of consumer purchases?

Consumer purchasing behavior refers to the actions taken (both online and offline) by consumers before buying a product or service.

This process may include consulting with search engines, involved with social media posts, or various other actions.

It is important for businesses to understand this process because it helps business adjust their marketing initiatives better with marketing efforts that have succeeded in affecting consumers to buy in the past.

We have all experienced the time when we get into the store and see something we have to have. Retailers may spend tens of millions every year to try to arouse those feelings to their customers.

Web campaigns, video and print advertising, social media campaigns, and branding seems to be united when consumers finally feel the connection to a product and make a purchase.

So what does the behavior drive? And how do you catch and then replicate the flash-in-the-bottom moment when prospective customers turn into a buyer?

Factors that influence the behavior of consumer purchases

Various factors enter into the process of behavior of consumer buyers, but here we only offer a few.

If taken separately, they may not produce purchases. When put together in a number of combinations, the possibility of increasing that someone will be connected with a brand and make a purchase. Four factors that influence it are:

Cultural factors are not always determined by one’s nationality. It can also be determined by their associations, their religious beliefs or even their location.

  • Social factors – elements in someone’s environment that affect the way they see products.
  • Personal factors – this might include one’s age, marital status, budget, personal trust, value, and moral.
  • Psychological factors – state of the mind of a person when they approached with a product will often determine how they feel not only about the goods themselves but the overall brand.

4 types of buyers and effective ways to sell them to them

One of the most important parts of knowing the behavior of consumer purchases is to know who the person is and what drives it. Many studies have been made to try to determine the type of buyers in the world. From the indicators of Myers & Briggs to the book by Spencer Johnson’s Who Moved My Cheese?, There are many systems to identify prospects and meet their internal decision-making needs.

Here is an example case to find out the type of buyer and effective way to sell your product or service to them:

1. Analytical buyers

Anita table is very neat. On the wall hanging the latest sales statistics, the flow diagram for each part of the organization, and some of the titles he obtained.

He wears glasses, his eyes usually read and reread each proposal, idea, and report on his desk. There are several pictures of plants or families – a little too personal for a professional desk area – and his office exemplifies the “sedehana” perspective.

He greets you professionally, but with a little warmth. He is here for your business and wants to know the real facts.

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Things you need to pay attention to: logic and information

Analytical buyers are best identified with their attention to the details and tendencies of perfectionism.

They can look attracting, introspective, or even hesitant. Don’t let this outwit you. Analytical buyers are just hesitant when they still don’t have all the information they want to make the right decision.

Because criticism is a curse of analytical existence, they often will not discuss an idea unless they believe 100% it is the right thing to do. Accuracy is the most important goal, and the risk is avoided at all.

How do you sell to analytical buyers?

Because logic and accuracy are the main motivation for this type of buyer, more information is the same as more sales.

In addition, this type of decision maker is slow to change. Make sure they have enough time to really consider all the facts of your proposal without feeling depressed to hurry to make a decision.

In your presentation, you must:

  • Highlight the accuracy of your service or product
  • Give a case study, testimonials and statistics that prove your claim validity
  • Repeat several times for clarification
  • Discuss the process behind your product or service
  • Remain professional and don’t be too personal

2. Friendly buyer

Hasan welcomes you with a warm handshake and a question about your day. The colleague passed his office, each gave him a friendly greeting.

On his desk there was a small memento – given to him from coworkers and other family members for 10 years he worked there. His office has several chosen paintings with high tastes that match the carpets and furniture.

He was overtime, working on an old project after other people came home. When asked why, he said, “Everyone has a job to do. I want to make sure I do my best to keep the ship running smoothly.

Things You Need to Notice: Stability and Cooperation

Friendly buyers just want to make other people happy. Therefore, it is often difficult for them to make big decisions.

They are constantly worried about how their choices will affect the people around them. This can make their decision-making process very slow if you do not directly enter the social aspects that will make them feel the most comfortable.

Friendly buyers hate chaos and change. When you communicate kindly, it is important to highlight the convenience of the transition that your products and services will provide.

In addition, it is important to allow friendly people to make decisions according to their own schedule. They know what is best for their team and will ensure that every element is integrated effectively.

When giving presentations to friendly people, you must:

  • Establish good relations and be friendly
  • Comes with a systematic style – Don’t enter new information at the last moment
  • Highlight the benefits of your product for the team
  • Explain why your service will maintain the status quo
  • Listen to be fine and frequently agree

3. Buyers who want proof (drivers buyer)

The Budi table is located in front of a large glass panel overlooking the river. What you notice, however, is that he never ignores it.

Instead, he simultaneously invited you to the office, talking with business partners by telephone, and checking the pile of invoices. He moved quickly across the room, which was filled with modern chairs, an oak wooden table, and leather book.

There are exotic orchids in the room treated by an assistant. He has a family portrait that was photographed professionally on the wall – no candidate for candid for him. He waited for you to start, his eyes turned to hours and returned again.

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Things you need to pay attention to: strength and respect

A buyer who wants evidence to pay attention to how other people see and follow their direction. That means you have to immediately recognize them so you can make it feel empowered in all your interactions.

Relations are not a key factor in this kind of decision making. What’s important is the result that makes them look good.

The greatest fear of buyers this type is not respected or utilized. Therefore, they may be aggressive and control in their efforts to get the desired results.

You need to show them proof of your product and respect their position without allowing yourself to be fascinated. The type of buyer does not respect stale and nonsense. On the other hand, if he trusts you, they will make an instant decision.

When you make a sales presentation with this type of buyer, make sure you:

  • Create an active, short, and compact statement
  • Share the fact that reaches its peak with real results
  • Prepare a list of options that he can control
  • Avoid emotional quarrels
  • Focus on the benefits of the big picture, not details

4. Expressive buyers

Sinta desk is a mess. His office is full of pictures, quotes, and files that are piled up around the room. He has one small plant that doesn’t seem to be watered for weeks.

Even though he said he was busy, he spent 15 minutes to talk to you. His office was filled with many semi-finished projects, and he quickly approved something fresh and new.

Things you should pay attention to: recognition and approval

Expressive expressive in customer relationship management, which means you also have to do it. People are the most important commodities for this type of buyer, which can be seen from the lack of attention to more real purposes such as sales figures.

They want to be needed, so your promotion needs to highlight their personal values ​​for you and the value of your product to others.

Expressive buyers cannot resist isolated or not get the most attention. They want to know that they are your most important clients. If they feel you don’t get enough attention, they might be manipulative or reactive.

When dealing with expressive buyers, you need:

  • Take the time to develop personal relationships with them
  • Show how your product will increase the image and relationship
  • Use anecdotes, testimonials, and personal information to explain your product
  • Be funny, interesting, and personal at any time – don’t just focus on statistics
  • Avoid ensnaring it in detail that can cause interpersonal conflict


Knowing the type of buyer and the behavior of consumer purchases is important if you want your product or service to sell. Make sure you know the type of prospect you will face before introducing your product to them.

Their needs may be different, but their wishes remain the same: get honesty about the products you market. So being honest is the thing you have to do but have a detailed mastery of products.

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