Consumer behavior for better business development

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Consumer behavior for better business development

Consumer behavior for better business development

Before knowing further consumer behavior, you must know that a business or effort will develop because of the role of a consumer. Yes, they will determine whether a company will be successful and get a lot of income or actually lose because it does not sell products or services.

For this reason, a company or industry must indeed succumb to realizing what is needed or what consumers want to maintain the company’s economic cycle. Bringing in this sense can be realized by first recognizing how consumer behavior. After understanding how consumer behavior, the company can draw purchasing power by learning this.

Consumer behavior determinant

Broadly speaking, this consumer behavior is divided into two, namely internal factors and external factors. Both types of factors have the same weight in influencing consumer behavior. But every consumer has different thoughts, so there may be consumers who are only affected by internal factors but some are affected by external factors.

Then what are the external and internal factors? The following is the explanation of these factors:

External factor

What is meant by external factors is a factor that comes from outside the consumer. So, in this case the environment is very influential. Then, what are the external factors? Here are some points.

1. family environment

Families have a considerable influence on consumer behavior. This factor discusses the influence of one family member to other family members, also applies to some family members with one family member.

A simple example like this, someone who will have children must have high consumption because they have to prepare anything when the baby is born later. This consumptive attitude is evidenced by the purchase of milk for pregnant women, baby milk, baby clothes, baby care products, and many more.

Another example can be taken from brotherhood in one core family. For example, the brother bought a cellphone, then there is a possibility that his younger siblings also bought a cellphone. It has been proven that family is one of the determinants of consumer behavior right?

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2. Culture

The culture in question this time can be a culture adopted around the residence but it can also be a culture adhered to generation to generation by generation. As with the previous factors, the culture has also influenced consumer behavior.

People who live in the environment with high social activities will be a consumptive person. For example, having to buy souvenirs after returning home, must provide food and drinks for certain events, must provide gifts for babies born, and many more examples.

Another example of this culture is that Hudaya is not formal to buy new clothes during the Eid holiday. This habit continues to generation and influence consumer behavior.

3. Certain groups

To whom someone associates or socializes it also affects its consumptive attitude. It is real proven, both from groups of children to groups of adults.

The real example is in a particular group in the form of an organization, surely there is a uniform that must be owned by every member.

Internal factors

In addition to an external fator, internal factors are one of someone’s supporters in buying something. Here are some types of internal factors in question.

1. Attitude

The definite attitude is the first internal factor that affects consumer behavior. It is an easy affected state that takes the most role towards someone. People can address a product with a very welcome so what new releases or newly produced makes it want to directly have it. This often happens by anyone, one example is a person’s perception of one of the gadget brands.

2. Inspiration

An inspiration sometimes just comes to someone who affects the behavior of consumers. People who urge may be difficult to determine which ones to buy and which ones don’t have to buy.

Inspiration not only makes people more consumptive, but can also make someone reducing his bold. For example, the person is after seeing the motivational video to save money, there is a possibility that then he will reduce the bodies.

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3. Economic conditions

Of course this economic condition affects one’s consumer behavior. There are increasingly rich people increasingly consumptive, but some are getting richer actually the smaller the burning power, and vice versa.


The development of an effort is inseparable from exactly or not you choose consumers for your product. By understanding consumer behavior, you can easily make your product sell on the market.

Also note every factor that affects consumers to buy your goods, don’t let you go wrong market in marketing your product and will cause losses on business.

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