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First, for anyone that also doesn’t understand how the military industry has developed into perhaps our biggest home threat, you wish to learn some facts in regards to the army industry’s history from 1890 to 2013. Read Stephen Kinzer’s book Overthrow: America’s century of regime change from Hawaii to Iraq. No matter how you may love personnel of that industry who wear its uniforms; regardless of how you may think it is ‘protecting liberty’ — by being blind to 20th century historical past, the ethical hazard is that you simply support precisely what the founding fathers despised. For a close evaluation of how we are taught to kill other human beings, read THIS definitive book by Lt. Col.

Dave Grossman, that explains why we are all evidently unwilling to kill, except in self protection or the defense of home or family. The Founding Fathers designed our military around the Citizen Militia, a purely shielding force, as a result of here’s the one moral countrywide protection. Americans are now programmed from early early life by the ‘amusement’ and laptop gaming industries to like the act of killing. The war industry uses this programming to ‘deploy’ you to kill in homes and neighborhoods on the other side of the world, with no assertion of war. This is not just illegal; your moral soul fights it all of the way. Selling firearms and ammo to frightened or demanding electorate is not enough to form competent local and State militias.

Simply buying an ‘spectacular bad ass’ family armory does not make you an invaluable member of the Citizen Militia. The assignment of every AmericaAgain!See this article for further particulars. A consulting architectural engineer for 28 years, David planted four classical Christian K 12 faculties in three states. He is founder and CEO of AmericaAgain!, a perpetual trust and club organization that with just 1% of the population can end D. C. organized crime.

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S. House to 6400 contributors in small, local elections…pass the Bring Congress Home Act, all individuals of Congress work full time from a place of birth office at half their present pay, no merits, two terms maximum…the AmericaAgain!reform laws will take back all that D. C. criminals including the federal courts have stolen…and finally, repair the Citizen Militia, the law enforcement and countrywide armed forces stipulated in the Constitution. David is a typical contributor on blogs and alternative media adding D. C.

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