Conquering Digital Marketing with Marketing 4.0

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Conquering Digital Marketing with Marketing 4.0

Conquering Digital Marketing with Marketing 4.0

Conquering Digital Marketing with Marketing 4.0

The world of marketing is constantly evolving. If you were familiar with the product-oriented marketing 1.0 era, now the world of marketing has developed until the marketing 4.0 era. Before discussing the way to conquer digital marketing with the marketing 4.0 approach, we’ll first explain the differences between marketing 0.1 to 4.0.

The Marketing 4.0 book by Philip Kotler, Hermawan Kartajaya, and Iwan Setiawan is a reference for understanding this latest marketing approach. In this book, it is explained that the marketing era begins with product-oriented marketing 1.0. In that era, the seller’s focus was to sell as many products as possible stupidly about what consumers needed.

Meanwhile, marketing 2.0 is consumer-oriented. Here the seller has started trying to touch the hearts of consumers, but they are only considered as passive objects. Then developed human-oriented marketing 3.0. In this marketing era, sellers not only market products but also have a vision, mission, and values that are in line with consumers. Even so, the salespeople felt that the marketing model still needed to be further developed.

Because the rapid development of technology is considered to be able to encourage marketing to run more effectively. This is what became the forerunner to the emergence of marketing 4.0. Marketing approach 4.0, combines human touch to consumers through technological sophistication.

Understanding Marketing 4.0

Marketing 4.0 is a marketing approach that combines online and offline interactions that occur between sellers and consumers. Marketing 4.0 is that the latest approach whose main goal is to win consumer advocacy. A combination of online and offline interactions is required to enrich one another . Technological advances have indeed enabled us to do online marketing so that it is easier and can target a wider range of customers. But online interaction is not enough.

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Offline interaction is still needed. This is necessary to touch consumers to get satisfying services from the products or services offered. That is why in marketing 4.0, the online market does not try to bring down the offline or traditional market. But instead, they complement each other’s roles.

Change in Customer Path

Technological developments cause the customer path to change. Previously, the customer path was known as 4A, namely Aware, Attitude, Act, and Act Again. So the customer path in the marketing era 4.0 has changed to 5A, namely Aware, Appeal, Ask, Act, and Advocate.

As a parable, potential consumers know (aware) of a brand because they see its advertisement on television. Then he felt attracted to the brand and sought information (ask) related to the brand out of curiosity. If it is deemed suitable, consumers will take action (act) by buying products from that brand. Satisfied consumers will continue this process by recommending (advocating) the product.

Tips for Applying Effective Marketing 4.0

From this book, you can also find some tips so that marketing 4.0 can run effectively so that you can compete in this fierce world of digital marketing.

• Use Multiple Marketing Channels

The many channels used for marketing are aimed toward creating a seamless and consistent consumer experience. By using many channels, consumers can easily get to know and access information on your product or service.

Use online and offline channels. Because marketing 4.0 integrates style and substance, which means not only prioritizing good branding, but also offering content that is relevant to consumers by presenting good and up-to-date content.

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• Provide solutions

Consumers are tired of marketing strategies in the form of advertisements that they encounter everywhere. Marketing 4.0 is present as a marketing solution that mediates between business and consumer needs. Therefore, the message you convey should not only focus on sales but also provide solutions for what consumers need.

In the Marketing 4.0 book, it is explained that sellers need to identify customer frustration points, especially when using a product or service. From that point of frustration, marketers have to think about how the product application offered can help solve consumer problems.

• Practicing Digital Anthropology

This point focuses on the notion of marketing 4.0 which combines human touch to consumers with technological sophistication. In digital anthropology, technology investigates the way humans digitally interact with interfaces.

In this process, it will be seen how consumers behave in the context of technology, and how technology is used by humans to interact with one another. One practice is social listening, which is the proactive process of monitoring conversations about media on the internet, particularly on social media and online communities.

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