Connecting Pipedrive with lexoffice – Excel In PPC

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Connecting Pipedrive with lexoffice – Excel In PPC

A consumer necessary to automate his small business functions – predominantly his guide management workflow. The shopper has a short while ago started out making use of Pipedrive to handle inflow of leads from their web-site. The dilemma was that client’s quotations are remaining despatched from lexoffice (a tiny German ERP) which is capable to manage heaps of complexities about merchandise, pricing and contracting which Pipedrive are unable to.

I was tasked to:

  1. Build new contacts in lexoffice when a offer reaches a distinct stage in Pipedrive.
  2. Hear for despatched quotations in lexoffice and pair them again to Pipedrive specials, transfer the discounts to a next phase in Pipedrive, and add the quotations to SharePoint.
  3. View for deletions in equally Pipedrive and lexoffice and preserve equally systems in sync (e. g. eliminate a offer in Pipedrive when a quotation is killed in lexoffice).

The principal problem when connecting multiple units with each other is constantly the same – you normally require a popular ID which is present in both of those methods. This undertaking was no different. The key trick was to start sending corporation ID from Pipedrive to into a note area in lexoffice when a new lexoffice make contact with is established. At the same time, I started to retailer call ID from lexoffice in a personalized field in Pipedrive. That way, I normally know how to uncover the corresponding object in the other technique when a modify occurs in the resource system.

This undertaking is made up of 2 situations. The 1st just one is rather uncomplicated – it produces new contacts in lexoffice from specials in Pipedrive only when the get hold of does not exist in lexoffice yet. The scenario also checks for human enter glitches alongside the way and sends a notification by means of e-mail if an unwanted input exists.

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The 2nd is listening for variations in lexoffice and “syncs” the events with Pipedrive – e.g. when a quotation is despatched from lexoffice, it is also downloaded and stored in the Pipedrive deal. When the quotation is cancelled, the offer is killed in Pipedrive and so on.

02 - Integromat Case Study - Pipedrive and lexoffice

For at the time, I was not solving a “marketing workflow” but a serious “business workflow”. Integromat proved its adaptability once once more and the total projects was finished in fewer than 10 hrs.

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