Conflict management, type, strategy, and functions in business

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Conflict management, type, strategy, and functions in business

Conflict management type strategy and functions in business

Conflict in a business is indeed very vulnerable, considering that business competition is very strict, making conflict unavoidable. However, conflicts can be addressed well if anyone regulates or other terms there is management governing. In the world of business often called conflict management.

Management is management to regulate an organization or group of people to achieve organizational goals. While conflict is the process of two or more people who take action to get rid of others. So, conflict management is an approach that is carried out and directed to communication with conflict actors. Where conflicters can affect interest in an organization.

While managing the expert Howard Ross, conflict management is a step taken by third parties with the aim of directing conflict to certain results that may / does not produce the final result in the form of conflict resolution or may / does not produce the calm or results of consensus.

The type of conflict management that must be known

In conflict management there are several types used to resolve existing conflicts, there are six types of conflict management, namely:


Accommodating is a business done by gathering various opinions of parties involved in conflict. Later, it will be used for deliberation or resolving the conflict. However, it still concerned the interests of one of the parties. This can harm one of the conflict parties.


Avoiding is an effort to avoid a conflict so as not to be involved in it. This is an effective way so that the environment will avoid conflict.


Different from accommodating, this method pays more attention to shared interests. By listening to the opinions of all parties and deciding on a way to remain concerned with shared interests to be a fair way for all parties. This method will provide a solution for all parties. There are 4 forms of compromise, namely separation, atration, bribing, and making coincidental decisions.

  • A separation means the parties involved in the conflict are separated to resolve existing conflicts.
  • Atration means that the conflict parties agree with the decisions taken by third parties or mediators.
  • Decisions based on coincidence factors, in this way can be done with simple things but stick to the applicable rules.
  • Bribing is a reward for parties who make decisions with the aim of it can be won in the conflict. This may cheat, but depends on each of those who solve it.


Collaborating is a way to resolve conflicts by working together whose results satisfy all parties. All parties will work together to solve problems while still paying attention to mutual interests.


Competing is a way used by directing parties involved in competing conflict and winning the interests of each party. This method will certainly not provide a solution for both parties and there must be a defeat of someone who wins.

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Conglomeration is a combination or mixture of resolving conflicts by combining the five types above. Of course this method will take a lot of time and energy.

Conflict Management Strategy

Apart from how to resolve the existing conflict you must also pay attention to the beginning of the conflict, we must learn so that it is not wrong to take a decision to resolve the conflict. There are several strategies that can be used to recognize conflicts that occur:

1. Introduction

Before going deeper into the conflict that is happening, first you have to know the root or the beginning of the conflict occurs and also must know the situation around when the conflict has not been and is happening. By doing this, you will get the initial information on the occurrence of conflict.

2. Diagnosis

If you have received information you want to be obtained like anyone who is actively, what conflict is at issue, the beginning of a conflict occurs. The next step is to think of the right solution to resolve the conflict.

3. agree on solutions

If you have thought about the right solution, the next step is to agree on the most appropriate solution to end the conflict. Preferably, the solution used is not adjacent and there must also be a mediator.

4. Implementation

After the solution is agreed upon, the next step is that all parties must implement and accept the agreed solution. The agreement taken should not harm one of the parties and is expected to not cause a conflict in the future.

5. Evaluation

After the conflict is complete, do the evaluation together. Confinages are things that can avoid conflict again in the future. Evaluation is done aims to not repeat errors or conflicts that have occurred.

Conflict management function

Definitely many are wondering, what is the function of conflict management? Many people who don’t know about conflict management and how to solve the right. Even, what functions in the business world.

Improve employee performance and activity

In conflict management, issuing opinions into the right facilities for employees. Employees will be more actively presented opinions when the occurrence of conflict, employees and superiors will discuss directly thinking about the right solution. That way, the boss can see and improve the performance and activeness of the employees.

Train the ability to resolve conflicts

In a company, conflict will definitely continue. Companies that have experienced conflicts will be more developed and advanced. With the conflict that occurs, it will make a company accustomed to finishing it with the right solution. The company will be more able to survive because it is used to conflict.

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Increase mutual respect.

With conflict management, there will be various opinions that arise. Different opinions can cause a split. However, it’s a challenge how you can respect other people’s opinions and don’t drop it. Which means conflict management is useful for increasing tolerance between all parties.


Conflict can occur in all groups and all activities. For this reason, conflict management appears useful for overcoming existing conflicts. Especially in the business world contradictions and differences of opinion are very possible. Conflicts can occur from various factors from their human resources, the system in the company, and some even from their own superiors.

Conflict must be completed with all parties, namely between superiors and employees, all parties must be aware of the errors and not subject to their own ego. Employees do not always have to submit with superiors, employees can also reprimand and give opinions if something is wrong with the company where he works. Thus discusses the management of conflict, type, strategy, and also function.

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