Conference Announcement Q DotC United Group Conference Guide

Introduction: As the area’s top-rated mobile acquisition and retention summit, Mobile Apps unlocked MAU 2019 draws greater than 2000 top mobile brand leaders all over the place the world for a two day study and discussion. Attendees will talk about in the summit the newest product information in the industry, absorb in the latest potential in mobile advertising field, and provides insights into the establishment and future trends of the industry. Moreover, there will even be speeches, forums and networking opportunities, which make the summit a vital occasion for the industry to communicate about future trends and contact enterprise. DotC United Group DUG is a era company which creates and architects cyber web systems to tackle globalization challenges and simplify complexities in the globalization method. Utilizing years of experience in localization, data driven solutions, and different distribution channels, DUG services can simplify CTW China to the World manner through dependent and systematic making plans and execution.

We supply competitive and differentiated products and answers by specializing in the pain points of the clients organizations and users during globalization, and create values for consumers to achieve a multi win. Our items have served billions+ users and clients composed of Alibaba, Toutiao, Lazada, Netease, Tencent, Seasun, miHoYo and Yoozoo Interactive. DotC United Group integrates big data generation with its group enterprise, in response to its own big data generation and strategies, serves the core business of the group and optimizes its business structure, effectively improving operational efficiency and precisely understanding user needs. At the same time, the Group’s big data era can also supply great suggestions and data aid for market control, strategic planning, inner management and other features. With its big data based and user centric products, promoted by fusion, DotC United Group is committed to bring better service and life to customers around the world via leading edge technology and the newest products.