Complete understanding of responsibility reports

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Complete understanding of responsibility reports

Complete understanding of responsibility reports

Complete understanding of responsibility reports

Every active organization must have activities to show their existence. When an activity is completed, members of the responsible organization are required to make accountability reports.

This report is usually made after an event or event ends. Without an accountability report, the activities carried out doubted. Because, accountability report is proof that an activity has really been done.

The accountability report or accountability report is a written document or report containing an activity that has been done. Usually the responsibility report is written by a lower institution or organization unit to a higher unit as an evaluation material.

Fill in the accountability report

When members of the organization make and carry out an activity, after the activity ends a report is needed to inform the supervisor regarding the activities that have been carried out. The report hereinafter referred to as accountability reports cannot be written arbitrarily.

There are rules and standard standards in writing an accountability report. In addition, the contents of the report have been determined before, namely regarding the implementation of the activities and use of funds.

1. Report on the implementation of activities

When writing a report as a form of accountability, the information on the activities carried out is the main thing that must be written. Please implement activities also need to include the benefits and objectives of the activities carried out.

In addition, it also needs to be explained in detail the chronology or the process of running the activities from the beginning to the end, as well as obstacles encountered during activities.

Through this report, the boss will know whether an activity is on target or not. This report is also useful as evaluating material for better activities in the future.

2. Reports of Fund Use

The implementation of activities is not the only one written in the responsibility report. There is also a report on the use of funds, which is also no less important. Reports on the use of funds contains the origin of funding sources and details of the use of the fund.

In the company, reports on the use of funds must be included in the accountability report. Because, from this report on the use of funds, the company will make the company’s financial statements.

While the company’s financial statements are very crucial for a company because it is used to find out whether the company has profits or losses.

Objectives and Functions of Accountability Reports

The responsibility report is a matter that must be written by members of the organization or the implementing team of activities that have ever made an event or event. Report writing is done as a form of responsibility for the implementing team to the organization’s tops.

Through accountability reports, the boss can find out clearly what happens during the activity. In general, accountability reports are written to achieve and get the following things.

1. Information on the course of an activity.

When an activity is executed, who knows exactly the course of the activity is the implementing committee. Meanwhile, the company or institution that is not directly involved by the activity will not know the course of the activity. Therefore, accountability reports are needed.

In the responsibility report is stored a lot of information about the course of an activity from the beginning to the end. Barriers and difficulties during the course of activities are also written in the responsibility report.

2. Evaluation of activities

As explained earlier that the responsibility report contains information about the information on an activity. From the results of the report, the organizers can evaluate the course of the activity.

Through the activity report and the use of funds listed in the responsibility report, it can also be seen the achievement of activities and how much the activity reaches the expected target.

Afterwards, related parties can make improvements based on the results of the report written. This is done so that in the future the activities to be held can reach the target and on target.

3. Measuring the ability of the implementing team

In accountability reports, in addition to being written on activity information, implied information about the performance and capabilities of the implementing team. For this reason, the accountability report can be used as an indicator to measure the ability of the implementing team in conducting activities.

In addition, through accountability reports can be seen how the implementing team is responsible for all things related to activities including the financial section which includes income, and expenditure.

The principle of accountability report

Unlike non-fiction writing or other report writing, LPJ has elements that must be fulfilled. If one of these elements is not found in the LPJ, the information that should be conveyed cannot be conveyed.

1. Detailed.

Because the accountability report contains information on activities including the tourist and use of funds, the report must be written in detail.

Each stage and activity data must be explained in detail without being missed. In addition, the use of funds that includes sources of funds, income and expenses must also be written in detail.

By writing a detailed accountability report without being missed whether it’s the use of funds or implementing activities, the reader can be well understood how the activity is carried out. As a result, evaluation of activities is increasingly easy to implement.

2. Transparent

In writing reports, the details of the report of the report are not the only thing that is important, but also transparency of the contents of the report. The transparency in question, namely the writing of the report must be carried out as it is in accordance with the course of activities and income and expenses.

Based on this, it can be concluded that when writing a report, the author of the accountability report is not allowed to increase or reduce the contents of the report.

Therefore the writing of accountability reports can be called either if it is in accordance with circumstances, including in writing a report on the use of funds.

The author of the accountability report can write down how much money is in and the origin of money. In addition, the author should also attach receipt or note to be evidence to be more reliable and credible.

3. Systematic and integrated

Writing accountability reports cannot be done carelessly. This report has systematic and integrated properties. That is, accountability reports must be written in law and according to the order of the standard. It is not allowed for the author of the responsibility report to reduce or add the contents of the report especially to replace the order.

In addition to the demand and in order, the writing of responsibility reports must also be integrated. This means that there is continuity between one part and other parts. Thus the reader will be easier to find information related to the implementation of activities and use of funds.

4. Comprehensive

A accountability report must be comprehensive. That is, the contents of the report must be completely containing all the information and the data needed and must be known by the reader.

Not only that, the report must also contain 5W + 1H elements which are the standard in writing including the writing of accountability reports.

As it is known that every organization must have implemented or conducted an event or event. To inform the results and the journey of the activity on the boss, the organizing team made a responsibility report.

This accountability report includes a report on the use of funds is an important element in an organization. This is because the implementation of an activity must cost that directly affect the financial organization.

So, with a report, the boss can find out how the funds rotate and determine whether the organization gets for or actually loses.

Plague some things you must know about the report on the answer. Not only to get an activity report, this report is also useful for monitoring and in transparent activities.

In financial recording an organization or business, transparency is very important. In addition to avoiding fraud, financial transparency is also useful for making financial evaluations more optimal.

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