Complete understanding of asset management, goals and cyclus

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Complete understanding of asset management, goals and cyclus

Complete understanding of asset management goals and cyclus

Ever heard of asset management? If we haven’t given an example case, as in living life, of course humans are required to be able to meet the clothing needs, food and board with stable and constant.

Efforts to fulfill those needs are then made by humans by carrying out physical and brain activities in the form of work to get a salary for financing. Well, when you already have a salary or fund to support life, humans also need to carry out asset management in their lives.

So, have you already understood a little with the term asset management? Next is to know how the definition of goals and cycles have many advantages.

If indeed it is still unfamiliar with the term management of this asset, you can listen to the following description and article to increase knowledge treasures. Here is a discussion starting from a complete understanding, objectives and cycles of asset management that helps many of these human life lines.

Some Definition of Asset Management

Speaking management especially in the realm of assets, it becomes quite a lot of understanding given by experts. Including the general understanding to be discussed and peeled in this section.

So asset management has a general understanding as a decision-making, attitude, division or use of an asset wisely. Where the use of assets in management has been carefully thought out to minimize excessive use.

Another understanding of the management of an asset in general is as a structured process of the use and development of existing assets. For the development of this asset itself based on the acquisition, calculation and maintenance periodically with saving and as efficiently as possible.

That is the understanding of managing an asset in general which is widely understood by most people. While the definition of experts, one of them Gima Sugama in 2013 stated that asset management was art guiding wealth.

This wealth guidance activity itself appears in the maintenance process, calculating the value of existing assets and the elimination of assets is not appropriate.

Then according to other experts namely Danylo and Lemer in 1999 stated that they manage assets were an attitude of processing methodology.

The processing of the self-referred to in relation to resources relating to planned assets. Then always pay attention to valid targets and compete to maintain the value and strength of existing assets.

Getting to know the purpose of holding asset management

Well after knowing at least some understanding of what is called an asset management activity. Then the following will be discussed about what is the purpose of the management of asset management itself.

1. To understand the status and conditions of existing assets

For the purpose of a management measure or management of an asset that is first to understand the status and condition of the asset itself.

For example, whether the assets are used as a wealth media for this particular period of time are relevant and still have high or not values. Managing management means carrying out checking actions and also understanding of sustainable asset conditions.

2. To maintain the value of the asset in the long run

By managing assets owned either in the fields of services, buildings, gold or others can maintain the value of long-term assets.

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This management is guaranteed to provide awareness for the owner to keep its assets maintained. Why is that? Because in the management of assets, of course the owner will learn about the value of assets that can experience development in the future.

3. Choose the correct asset investment

Knowing the right type of asset to be invested will encourage fund owners to understand that keeping wealth one of them is to have the right asset.

The purpose of managing assets is also can be a limiting to provide financial allocations on the right thing. Like for example living in urban areas can choose the type of apartment assets, shops or entertainment venues that are being hits to save gold.

4. To get the maximum advantage of existing assets

Then the purpose of managing assets is to get the maximum benefit of existing assets.

Talking investment then it is impossible about purchasing and selling short-term goods. A profitable assets are identical to the time of long management because of the greater value after managing some time.


5. As an important part of preparing the accounting balance sheet if needed

Asset management can also be used as an accounting balance plants if it is needed. For example, the owner of the asset is a businessman or accutance, the management of assets possessed can be recorded and used as financial calculations.

But for example, it does not require detailed data about the value of assets to compile the accounting balance sheet, it is also not a problem, because this will provide factual data about your wealth.

6. As a form of security of assets and funds

By conducting asset management activities, of course it is a form of efforts to secure assets as well as funds.

The funds owned are able to be allocated to good and long-term use. For example by choosing buying plantations after getting inheritance funds will certainly make your funds more useful than a short foreign tour.

7. reduce the number of losses

The goal as well as the advantage of the management of the last asset is to reduce the loss. Of course compared to spending finances on practical goods and can be up to suddenly then spend on assets will reduce losses. Such as making land purchases, houses, buildings, plantations and so on.

Asset Management Cycle

The cycle of an asset management activity itself also has its own form and stages that must be understood. What are you doing? Let’s look at the description as follows!

1. Planning

For cycles of a management activity or management of this first asset is to plan. For example, it has 1 billion funds, it can do planning to be allocated to what assets. Whether stocks, mutual funds, gold, buildings, business fields or others.

2. Procurement of assets

Other cycles that are easy and often found in asset management activities are by procuring the assets themselves. After successfully finding related planning, it became important to immediately procure and purchase. For the total purchase of assets and allocated funds can be adjusted the wishes and needs of the fund owner.

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3. Conduct an asset inventory

The next step and the most normal cycle occurs is to carry out an inventory of existing assets. This inventory activity itself is carried out by registering assets in existing legal audit services available. Then do not forget to do related asset documentation.

4. try to manage assets

Do not forget the cycle that must be done and noticed by the owner of the asset is to manage existing assets. This management itself is for example by cleaning assets, guard assets, asset recovery and so on. As for example the asset is a form of business, it can begin to promote to add consumer interest.

5. Perform updates or removal of assets

The last cycle that is carried out by the owner of the asset is to renew or eliminate assets if needed. The point is that if the assets that are owned are not profitable, the owner of the capital must be swift and sensitive. Then do the sale of old assets and immediately replace it with renewable assets.


How? It turns out that the name of asset management itself has many advantages if applied in life. Both in the business world, employment management of employees, household life and long-term financial assets. So now for those who always want to get a stable self-advantage and financial can use the application of this asset management.

Of course this asset management process is becoming more important if you are a businessman. By knowing the value of factual fixed assets, it will certainly make it easier for you to report business tax and also assess which productive assets and which ones are not, so you can take action and avoid waste.

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