Complete List of over PPC Ad Networks

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Speaking of reviews, ad networks are sellers. The worst ad networks are shady agents who are looking to convince you to use them, to allow them to skim money off the end and customarily provide poor traffic and poor ad placement. Unfortunately, the worst marketers are sometimes the savviest when it involves immoral tricks. They have completely no qualms about spamming fake reviews and buying beneficial press, just to get that recognition to a degree where people trust them when they shouldn’t. So, if you should determine any ad community you are looking to use before you employ it, you should take comments with a grain of salt.

Finally!Before I get to the true list yes, I can hear your groans from here I’m going to preface this by saying I make no guarantees as to the first-class of the networks listed below. I’m not doing loads of analysis into them, partly as a result of each person has various reviews, and partly because the traffic you get from one might be good in your site and not for a person else’s. All I’m ensuring is that as of now, June 2015, these sites all exist. That’s probably the most largest problems with ad networks, highly the small ones; old lists go stale, sites die, sites rebrand, and sites are bought.

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