Complete Guide to Starting Online Business

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Complete Guide to Starting Online Business

Complete Guide to Starting Online Business

Online Business is a product sales business or service rental based on the internet. Do you want to build your own online business?

Maybe you think building an online business is something that is not difficult, just need to make a domain or website itself and start selling. But is it true that the way it is up to business online you have successfully produced high sales?

Online Business has been run by many companies and individuals in the current all-digital era. E-commerce transactions in Indonesia themselves are quoted from the Tribune Business news, reaching 4.89 billion US dollars. Of course, this number is increasing from time to time.

So why don’t you start building your own online business now too?

Maybe you are confused about where you have to start. In addition, you certainly want to know the things that are not a secret that can accelerate your online business growth so that your sales continue to continue. Who doesn’t want to be a successful business?

Next, we will provide a complete guide to how the right way to build your online business. Calm down, the ways we provide have been structured and we convey with the easy language you understand that you can immediately practice.

Things are done for online businesses

As we have told before that online business is certainly internet-based. It includes Attracting Customers, Marketing, Advertising, Processing Payments, Product Delivering, Business Components Management.

So, almost all of your business activities or your company do use the internet. So you need to know internet-based aspects such as learn SEO techniques to optimize your e-commerce.

Previously, you even needed to know what was online marketing itself. In the previous article, we have provided a special guide to this online marketing matter.

In addition to the above, there are indeed many other things that you need to understand about the business and its relation to the internet. You can find various related references that can add to your insight about online business aspects of the internet technical side.

Find niche first

Many online business people make mistakes by ignoring this first important step that should be done.

What is a niche? Niche is commonly referred to as market or market segmentation specifically as your target customer.

People often ignore niches by making products first without caring about the market. If your business goals are looking for effective sales profits, this cannot be justified.

So, to increase the opportunity to succeed for your business, start by determining your company or marketing niche. It’s hard to divide until you find a specific or smaller market group coverage, but believe that this business will make your marketing more effective.

How do you determine the niche? The easiest trick is to find a group of people who are looking for a solution to a particular problem or can also be said to be special.

The internet world has made it easier. Try visiting online forums and observe what questions are often asked to find solutions to their problems.

Then, do the right keyword research. Simply put, look for keywords that many people are looking for but have a little level of competition than other websites.

There are many free keyword Research Tools available on the internet. One of the tools we recommend you use is Google Keyword Planner. This tool is very basic, so you can’t miss it, even though you’ve used other similar tools.

Try also to visit your competitor’s website and record anything interesting and how they do their business activities. So with this, you can make existing similar products but with better quality or with additional innovation as a plus value compared to your company’s competitors.

Prepare domains and hosting

Well, now you might know your niche very well and understand also online business challenges which are certainly different from the world of traditional businesses. Then, what about your company website?

You must remember, there is no online business done without having a domain and hosting. This is a fundamental thing that you should know.

Because most of your business activities are centered online, you need to be careful in managing your company website. It would be better if you have your domain so that your company is considered credible by your customer’s customers.

But the pressure is not finished there. You also need safe and fast hosting service services. Why do you need it? Imagine what happens if the website you have is popular, many people access your website to shop. If the condition is like that and you use bad hosting services, your website has crashed when accessed by people.

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When customers encounter obstacles in accessing your website, they are likely to be upset or even switch to the business website of your company competitor. They might think that your company is unreliable, this assumption arises only based on the user experience experienced.

So, it is very reasonable to invest more in a good hosting service provider. In Indonesia, it has available cloud hosting services. Unlike traditional hosting, Cloud Hosting is safer and fast because your website will be associated with many servers.

Regarding the CMS platform, there are many platforms available for free, but we advise you to use WordPress.

The main advantages of this one CMS platform are their friendly permalink structures with a search engine like Google. Almost all internet users use a sorting machine like Google to look for what they want. When your CMS platform is less friendly to Google, likely, your website is rarely visited by people and this has an impact on your business opportunity.

Maintain website security

Make sure the sale and purchase transaction in your online business runs safely and quickly. One of the best ways to maintain the security of your website is to entrust your web to standard web hosting companies. In a standard company, you don’t need to worry about sensitive data between you and your customers.

Make a copywrite that sells

After your website is ready technically, you need to publish quality content. What do we mean by quality content?

Quality website content is content that is relevant to the niche, comprehensive, interesting, and SEO-friendly.

For sales target itself, quality content can be seen from various aspects. Next, we give you a list of aspects that affect the assessment of the quality of content on the website!

  • Interesting visitors with headlines that arouse curiosity but do not cheat the reader
  • Provide a solution to the problems faced by the niche reader or your customer’s perspective
  • Show the credibility of your company as a problem solver
  • Providing tools for customer testimonials that have used your services or products
  • Describe your products or services and link them to the benefits of what users can get
  • Provide clear offers
  • Provide definite guarantee
  • Encourage customer candidates or readers to feel their needs or interests to urge them to your product or service

Regarding Copywrite, the most important thing is how you focus on the aspect of solving problems that your company offers to prospective customers.

Do marketing email

You might think, can this marketing strategy be effective? Yes, it can be effective. At present all the applications you want to access both on a PC or Mobile Device need authorization from your email. So, almost all internet users have a personal email address.

Moreover, email marketing does not cost the production of TV or radio advertisements which requires a longer time.

When you have received permission to send an email to your subscriber, you need to take advantage of the opportunity as well as possible. If there is a subscriber that gives their email address to you, this means you have to commit 100% subscribers.

You have gained trust in the form of their permission, you must manage your relationship representing the company with these subscribers as well as possible.

Many tools can help you manage your marketing email. Here is a brief review of Email Marketing Tools that we summarize specifically for you!


For those of you who just want to do email marketing, this tool is classified as very easy to use. You also feel an intuitive user interface from MailChimp. This tool this can be accessed for free for the 2000 subscriber you have.


Hubspot software has been designed either to meet the needs of small-scale companies and large-scale companies. Hubspot can also help you related to aspects of SEO while helping you in increasing the Conversion Rate of your campaign email.

Constant Contact.

Constant Contact is an email marketing tool that is well-known among businessmen online because it is quite old. This tool allows you to carry out your subscriber’s management and make professional emails with very varied templates. In addition, these tools are easily applied with the Drag-and-Drop Editing Tools feature.

Use this one marketing strategy optimally to increase your Conversion Rate. When your conversion rate is high, the benefits that the company produces also becomes great. Give a clear call to action (CTA) on your subscriber. But this CTA must also be interesting.

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On the e-mail subject, for example, you don’t need to create a line that is too market like a promo email where your offer is stiffened and long-length.

Enough to provide a short-and-sweet line where the customer keeps knowing what you offer but feels your email is more personal.

In your campaign email content, try gathering your subscriber even adding jokes that are not too excessive but entertaining. You can also share useful content on subscribers but is available free, sort of PDF, and discount coupons.

In addition, you can just to the point directly show the offer that you share through interesting image media, according to interest and niche needs, especially your subscriber personally.

It’s not difficult to do marketing email. Your complete email marketing guide can be searched from various other related references. The most important thing about email marketing is your consistency and concern for subscribers.

Build strong and wide relations

Apply business offline where you have public relations management or commonly referred to as PR, on your online business you must also carry out good management related to this relationship.

If at homework offline, you might be able to approach the parties that will have a good impact on the company as a long-term investment. Meanwhile, on Online Business, you can start passing by many unlimited variations.

One way to build relations for online business is to join online forums where your niche market is located. In addition to establishing relations, you can also do soft promotions on these forums. We call it soft promotion because you are certainly not allowed to sell your products or services in existing forum discussions.

Soft Promotion can be done such as inserting your service recommendations or products when someone is discussing related problems where your product or service can be the answer.

Their bait with such questions, “have you tried the service from the company a, bro? I use it. The result is good so far. Maybe you want to try “and bait sentences that are not excessive or force others. You only need creativity in this matter.

Establishing relationships with existing media is also a very valuable investment for your company. It could be that your events are covered by media on both a local and national scale, even better if it is covered by international media. You certainly don’t want to miss this valuable opportunity.

COMPANY Branding

How to build branding for your company is a lot. One of them is providing benefits to your community or niche market and highlight them.

For example, you provide free webinars or e-books that can help customers or prospective customers to develop their abilities related to a particular field where your company also moves.

In addition, there are many free product forms that you can share and become a benefit for your company’s niche. Continue to share interesting and useful content through your blog is also one form of branding.

For example, your company is engaged in hosting services. Then it is very reasonable if the customer or prospective customer reviews your credibility of the blog content you produce. Of course weird if you don’t discuss hosting or the internet world, especially the website at all on your company’s blog.

Then, back again we mentioned the content. We recommend that the content you post is made as comprehensive maybe but employing interesting and easy to understand by the market.

Add multimedia various so that they are happy to read your blog as a whole and even share your posts to their friends or public because they consider your posts useful.

That way, your market will get to know you as a credible company as well as good or cares about them.

Better yet, related to income, can be your conversion rate increases with the right branding online. A sorting machine like Google likes a website that contains relevant content. Google will easily recognize your website as a credible website and can raise you on a higher Google Rank.

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