Complete Guide to Running an E-commerce Business for Beginners # 2

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Complete Guide to Running an E-commerce Business for Beginners # 2

Complete Guide to Running an E commerce Business for Beginners 2 1

This article is the second part of a complete guide to running an e-commerce business for beginners. For those of you who haven’t read the first part, please look for articles on a complete guide to running an e-commerce business for beginners # 1.

1. Collaborate with Relevant Influencers

You might need several months to find relevant influencers to promote your product. Why does it have to be a relevant influencer? Because an influencer is trusted by his audience when they want to find out about a new product, brand, or service.

Finding great influencers is not easy. Influencers that have high prices do not always produce high conversions. Therefore, try to follow the influencer for several months, and observe how the communication patterns that occur with the audience. After that, then you can determine whether the influencer is the right person.

2. Ensure Your Customers Have Access to Required Information

When starting an online store, make sure all your customers have access to all the information they need when they make a product purchase. For example, such as information about shipping and product return policies, so consumers will feel safer when making a purchase.

You also need to provide a help center, be it email, telephone, or live chat, so that your customers will more easily contact you when facing a problem or have a specific question.

3. Think Copy Mature

Many novice entrepreneurs make the mistake of not adding copy when displaying products in their online stores. Even if you have filled in the complete product description, this is not enough to drive sales.

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Therefore, in addition to filling in the full product description, you need to highlight the important points, the advantages of the product, and if possible, also show how to use the product.

For example, if you sell smartphone products in your online store, you might need to display how the product is performing, for example in terms of cameras, batteries, screens, and so on. That way consumers will have a clearer picture of the product.

4. Make the Website Look as Attractive as Possible

All parts of your website must have a good appearance. Product pages must display more than one image from different sides and different uses. The main page must also display a banner image that can attract the attention of consumers. Similarly, blog posts, you need to add some images, gifs, or even videos so that consumers do not feel bored when reading your posts, as well as can provide a more detailed picture of a product.

5. Find a Marketplace Brand That Inspires You

When starting a business, you need to find a mentor. However, finding an e-commerce business mentor is not an easy matter. Someone is not always willing to want to share a niche, ad templates, and answer questions that can be easily answered by Google.

So you need to join the e-commerce business community if you need advice. However, the most effective way is to look for e-commerce role models that inspire you. For example, if you sell smartphones, then you might be able to follow the Gearbest model. If you want to have your mega marketplace follow the Amazon or eBay model.

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6. Ask for Input for Your Online Store

When you launch a new online store, you need to ask for input or criticism for your online store. The biggest mistake that is often made by novice entrepreneurs is that they seek input from other entrepreneurs from the same niche. In other words, why do you ask for advice from other entrepreneurs who will become your competitors?

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