Complete blogging tips and can be used as a reference

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Complete blogging tips and can be used as a reference

Complete blogging tips and can be used as a reference

You might just want to start blogging or have blogged for a long time. Are you looking for the latest guide in the world of blogging in 2021? We will provide the useful information you need. But before, let’s look at the phenomenon of the blogging world lately.

Based on the real calculation carried out by Worldometers, there are millions of blog posts published every day. In today’s marketing or fast-paced marketing today, posting the content below the average standard is not enough.

You can’t expect to grow your business through content marketing if you make mediocre content. See how millions of content is published every day, your chances are smaller than you thought originally.

Imagine how thousand other bloggers have spent hours writing every post. This is not just a shadow, there is actual data for the course. According to research conducted by Andy Crestodina from the media orbit, it takes an average of 9 hours 45 minutes for bloggers to write a blog post that contains 3000 words. How about you?

For a while, actually, why do you have to bother being a blogger? Aren’t you interested in returning to the essence of your blogging activities?

We had offended a little benefit from blogging in the previous part of the introduction. Blogging is very important as an online marketing strategy. How clear?

On average, buyers tend to read around 3 to 5-page content before it is involved with the sales process or start the purchase process and make transactions against the products and services offered.

So, if you have hope to produce more sales, you have to produce more content. Who doesn’t want more money?

Blogging is very important to bring inbound-inbound at cheaper costs but produces at higher speeds. SSST, this is a secret!

So, blogging can have a big impact on your business. That way, you certainly can’t just post several times a month. Why? Your traffic so it’s not big later and the small traffic means no one reads your post. If no one reads your post, how can you increase your sales from the content strategy that you have practiced?

Indeed doing more posts does not become a major factor, there are many other factors that you must pay attention to such as content quality. In addition, specifically this year some have changed about the blogging trend. Prepare yourself to be more prominent than other bloggers this year huh!

Content Integration with Videos

It’s no secret that online video consumption is very booming lately. People are crazy about visual content and audio served everywhere. Based on TechCrunch data, YouTube now has 1.5 billion users who log in to their video platform every month and access videos.

How about you? Do you spend at least one hour every day watching videos on YouTube?

It turns out that many marketers or business people use this phenomenon to create visual and audio content. Then what about blogging? What is the connection and how it works?

Simply put, you just enter some videos related to the contents of your post. The video that lasts long enough, can hold your blog visitors to linger on the page of your content. In addition, this video can improve your audience or audience with the blog that you manage.

So what are you waiting for? Find video content or create interesting video content now!

But, for a while, what if you are not confident to be highlighted in a video? Try to see our article about how to make money from YouTube. In that article, we have ever made some types of videos that you can make. Not only real-time shows where hosts guide impressions. You can also make a video recording a kind of slideshow.

What does the mood like? For example, you record your process in playing games accompanied by your voice that is commented during the game going on – as the background.

Making the video does not require a degree in production. You don’t need to be tech-savvy to make an amazing video to help the success of your blog. Come to use a tool that allows you to complete the process, then add data or interesting things that you have collected. Finally, enter this video into your new blog post in the appropriate place.

Content Marketing Strategy

Just like other business processes that you are running, it’s a good idea to have a written strategy to accelerate the process of developing your business and can produce better.

We are sure you must have understood how important this documentation is. Maybe you make written steps or certain targets about post schedules on social media and email. You are a businessman, it is very likely to have occurred to document the process or ways to settle other tasks that want to be done efficiently with certain standardization.

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But strangely, only 37 percent of B2B businesses have a documented content strategy. What is the documented content like itself? Have you ever heard the term Content Calendar? It’s just one of them, namely scheduling when you want to make content when you want to publish it on various social media and others.

If we return to talk about blogging profits, there are significant results that you can get from this activity.

If you do not follow this documented strategy, you can just lose your loyal reader or web visitor that is rather confused with your consistency. They may not want to re-access your blog again.

You must set certain benchmarks and fulfill them if you want to succeed in the world of blogging. Based on research from the Hubspot website, number 16 is the number of posts that are right every month, as a measure of quantity.

To start a documented blogging strategy, you need to plan any ideas of your topic first. We also do this every month. You can use your Google Calendar (if you have a Google account, it must have been registered or directly entered this calendar) and enter the schedule directly for every date.

Put it regularly, schedule everything for a few days a week. What is the purpose? Again, so that all processes can be documented and product effective.

Don’t make it too grandiose, for what you can achieve first. Think of the easiest just because you must – Must complete the tasks on schedule.

Long and complete content

No wonder if many content makers or bloggers fight desperately to make people stay involved on their website (engagement). It’s hard to make people who visit your blog once the time becomes constantly visiting it again.

You certainly want to avoid high bounce rates right? For a while, what is the bounce rate? Bounce rate is the length of time someone needs to come out of your page, as soon as he finds the contents of your page not attractive or too short, for example.

Most bloggers write posts with an average length of the writing of more than 1000 words. But, 1000 this word is not enough to get a good engagement of people.

This is why we always try to make content at least 2000 long words. 2000 This word is a sufficient number to explain a topic in depth. So, the reader also feels the article found is feasible to read because it seems complete, where all the problems they are looking for are answered.

Logically, longer blog posts allow deep discussion. Thus discussions are liked by people because they can be very helpful. Backlinko, an SEO expert has made a study of this.

Then, how do you make that content along with that? What if you are not a great writer? Have you looked for your writing ideas? First of all, do it. You can read-read news circulating in the public, everyday events, or other people’s blog content. Then, try to create everything and make it reset in your language and coupled with opinions or other personalization from yourself.

Usually, bloggers use copywriting techniques. Have you ever heard the term copywriter before? Read our article about it to find out more.

Then, to extend your content, it does not mean you have to use wordy words. Make structured points, a kind of writing skeleton. For example, you want to discuss the museum you just visited, try discussing it like this:

  • What is the museum?
  • How the history of the development of the museum?
  • Here where are the location and open times you visit?
  • What is your impression of visiting this museum? Do you advise people who read your blog to go to this museum?

Then also add lots of interesting photos you take while visiting the museum. Photos can also hold blog visitors to be longer on your blog.

Start blogging from the beginning

Here are some of the earliest steps you must pay attention to in building a blog. See more!

Choose a Blogging platform

Here are some platform options for blogging and its weaknesses and advantages:

  • stores your website content for free on their servers. However, this also means the user only gets a limited version of WordPress software. Still, this could be a good thing for bloggers who only blogging for hobbies, who don’t want to invest the money on the platform they use. This is a good choice for people who plan to upgrade to the WordPress blog that is hosted itself at the coming time.

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The advantages: no set-up costs; Easy to use; There is no coding or design knowledge needed to use it; There are hundreds of varied themes that you can choose.

The shortcomings: the function is limited unless you want to pay for an upgrade; Use this platform makes your website look less professional; You technically don’t have your blog, which means you have a little on the top income of existing advertisements; WordPress can also suspend your site at any time if there is a problem.


The hosted WordPress blog is a WordPress software that uses third-party servers. With that, you can install the plugin, edit your HTML code, and many other activities that give you full control of your website while making it look more professional.

The advantages: user-friendly with full control options and fairly flexible adjustments; There is access to more than 1,500 free themes and 20,000 plugins that are also free; This option is a friendly search engine (allowing you to be able to rank well on a Google slaying machine).

The shortcomings: hosting on third-party servers needs some technical knowledge; But most hosts (like us) offer sufficient technical support to help clients; Because of its popularity, WordPress is vulnerable to security threats.


Because bloggers are owned by Google, you can have access to Google’s tools such as AdSense, Analytics, and others. However, bloggers for us are not as good as This platform is very good for bloggers who just do it as a hobby or for people who want to build personal brands, don’t want to invest money but may want to make money through advertisements.

The advantages: completely free and easy to use; You can place AdSense ads here; There is access to HTML code, so there are more choices for adjustments.

The drawback: fewer themes and storage space you can get from; You can’t be your host, so your blog is fully dependent on the latest offer that is given to a blogger; Your website will have .blogspot in each page title or content.

2. Select the right domain name and hosting provider

For domain names, you can determine your name for your blog. It would be better if you have a blog name containing or related to keywords that most will be discussed by your content.

Regarding the hosting provider. To choose to host that is not only cheap hosting but also the best hosting, you can read our previous article about how to choose to host. In the article, we provide measurable ways so you can immediately decide which hosting is right for you.

3. Manage the appearance and contents of the blog

For views, if you target a blog that produces, you should follow the taste of users generally or who are trending. Read our articles about the most updated website design trends today.

Regarding the contents of the blog, even though we previously said that the length of content was very important. It was not the only factor that helped influence the assessment of the sorting machine like Google. So that your page is on the first page of Google, you must create quality content.

Now the disaster engine has been much smarter than before. Make contents that are not only interesting to read but also superior quality than other similar content. Use a lot of data or research to support your writing can also be one way.


With this article, we have provided the most updated blogging info and tips so that you can excel compared to other bloggers this year and can increase your business profits. We not only discuss the trends that are happening but also give a few tips for those of you who just want to start your blog.

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