Comparison of Propeller Ads with Google AdSense

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Comparison of Propeller Ads with Google AdSense 1

Comparison of Propeller Ads with Google AdSense

Comparison of Propeller Ads with Google AdSense

Many ways to get income from the internet. One of them is through a blog or website. For those who have a blog or website, of course you want to get income from a blog or website. This time we will review a few related sites producing dollars, namely Propeller Ads and Google AdSense. Then, what is the comparison between Propeller Ads and Google AdSense?

Currently the highest rate is still held by Google AdSense, but registering on Google AdSense is not as easy as imagined. In addition to Google AdSense, there are still some rates that are also high and how to list is also easier and of course easy to accept because the criteria and conditions are not as complicated as Google AdSense. One of them is Propeller Ads.

Propeller Ads

Propeller Ads was founded in the UK in 2011. The company presents online advertisements with a CPM (cost per million) system to Publishers and also a CPA (cost per action) and CPL (cost per lead) system for advertisers.

Earnings from CPM Propeller Ads ads are relatively high with fill rates of up to 100% for international traffic. Propeller Ads also has sophisticated ad optimization technology so we don’t have to bother testing CPAs. To join, there is no minimal traffic so that you will immediately be appraised and can immediately put the ad code on your website.


Advantages of Propeller Ads

  • High eCPM and Worldwide Coverage

Although many advertising networks claim that they share 80% of revenue, the Propeller Ads ad network respectfully does so. You can receive high CPMs with the Propeller Ads ad network for almost all geographic locations.

  • Safe and Clean Advertising

With Propeller Ads your visitors will be guaranteed to see safe and clean ads (not spam ads or ads that are harmful to visitors).

  • Referral Program or Referral Link

You will get additional income with the Refferal Link Ad Network Propeller Ads program that provides 5% commission from your referral results.

  • Multiple Ad Formats for Publishers

Provides ad formats that are complete enough for you to apply to your site and are easy to implement for adjustments between ad formats and sites so they are good when viewed.

  • There are no Minimum Traffic Requirements

With this you can register your site even though it is still under 100 visitors per day.

  • Full Control on Advertising and Real-Time Reporting

The existence of this method allows you to control the types of ads that fit the theme of your site. In addition, there is a report of ad traffic directly (real-time) without waiting for when valid reporting of your income.

Disadvantages of Propeller Ads

  • Minimum Payment

Minimum payment revenue on Propeller Ads that is too high may be a problem for sites with small traffic. Therefore, it takes some time to get the first payment.

  • There are no Banner Ads

Does not provide banner ads that usually are on the right and left side of a site.

  • Low Quality Traffic

Low quality traffic is traffic from non-English speaking countries, so this ad network is not a good choice for our country, unless you have an English language site.

Google AdSense

Is the largest advertising site that is in great demand by people through the mobile media owned by large companies, namely Google. The first requirement to join the AdSense program is that you must already have a YouTube site or channel to be the place where the ads will be displayed later.

When it is live, every visitor who comes to your site then clicks on an ad, the blog owner can earn money. This system is commonly called CPC (pay per click) or CPC (cost per click).

The advantages of Google AdSense

  • Easy Advertisements

AdSense provides a script (html code) for ad serving and you just copy and paste the html code provided by AdSense to your blog.

  • AdSense Works Alone

AdSense will choose the right ads for your blog. You only install the html code once and the rest let AdSense work.

  • Adsense Allow to Use Other Affiliate Facilities
  • Easy to learn

You only need to find information, so a lot of information that you get about Google AdSense.

  • Can Choose Ads

You can choose which ads will be displayed and which ads will be blocked or not served.


  • Easy to Join

If you have an adequate blog then registering AdSense can be said to be very easy.

  • Free

To register to become an Adsense publisher, there is no free alias cost.

  • Complete Reporting

Adsense will provide complete reporting and is very easy to understand.

  • Just Click Flowing Money Ads

All that is needed is a click on the ad that appears on your blog by visitors.

Lack of Google AdSense

  • Sometimes Long Time Verification

The review process can take days, weeks or even months, and even then, if our content is original and of good quality, the opportunity to be verified will be faster.

  • Minimum Pay Out (PO) is $ 100

Or a minimum of one million more. Of course this requires a very long time to get income from AdSense if your blog or website has not made up to $ 100.

  • Adsense Often Serve Public Service Ads
  • Adsense Does Not Display Which Ads Are Most Often Clicked by Visitors
  • Unknown Ad Prices
  • Confidentiality of Share of Revenue