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The Communications Division is guilty for licensing, registration and the processing price lists of local trade companies, competitive local vendors, and non dominant interexchange companies. It is also guilty for registration of wireless service providers and franchising of video service suppliers. The Division tracks compliance with commission choices and monitors client protection and service issues and Commission reliability criteria for safe and enough service. The Communications Division is responsible for oversight and implementation of the six public intention Universal Service Programs. The Division also reviews General Orders and policies to replicate the rising aggressive atmosphere and changing regulatory architecture for the telecommunications industry.

The Communications Division is guilty for the implementation and oversight of local competitors and aggressive issues. The Division comments, analyzes, and advises on service to carrier arrangements and interconnection agreements, as well as, competitive access issues. The Division responds to utility purposes for mergers, divestitures and acquisitions. The Division also implements Area Code Policy, equal access reform and analysis on number aid allocation issues. The Division develops, advises and implements policy on 911, back up power and other customer protection issues.

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