Communication management: understanding according to experts, goals, functions and shapes

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Communication management: understanding according to experts, goals, functions and shapes

In order to be able to know the meaning of communication management well, we must understand the understanding of each word, namely management and communication.

Management is a science in completing work with a planning process, organizing, control, and leadership. While communication is a process of information so that it can be connected with each other.

Understanding of communication management

Communication management is basically a combination of communication science with management theory to be applied in various backgrounds of a background of a communication.

Communication management can also be interpreted as a systematic planning, implementation, monitoring, and revisions of all communication channels in a company or organization and also between organizations that include the organization and the spread of instructions in new communication connected to the network, organization or a communication technology.

So, the definition of communication management is the way every individual in managing the communication process related to other parties in terms of communicating. Communication management will also form a communication groove so that later it can give birth to coordination that does not collide with each other and to produce a solution if there are differences of opinion.

Communication management based on experts

Some experts have a different understanding of communication management, including:

  • Michael Kaye

Michael Kaye explained that communication management is a process of managing communication between individuals in various matters relating to communication, such as group communication, mass communication, and interpersonal communication.

  • Parag Diwan.

Parag Diwan explained that communication management is a process of utilizing various communication resources well with the process of planning, implementing, organizing, and controlling various elements of communication to achieve a common goal that has been established together.


Leber and Barker explained that communication management is a systematic process between each member in an organization or company to carry out various management functions in order to complete a job with the process of negotiating understanding or understanding that occurs in everyone to achieve a common goal.

Communication management functions and benefits in business

In the business world, there are two main communication management functions, namely as a means to equalize the understanding of all members in a company as well as a means to move other people in a company with information provided clearly.

A manager in terms of having a role in ordering each member of his team to work in accordance with the approved instructions to be able to produce maximum profits.

In addition, this management is also useful for maintaining good relations in each member within the company. Without good communication, there is a possibility that internal conflict can affect the collaboration that is not optimal.

Below is another function of communication management in your business you can read below:

  • Communication management as a control

Managers will control the behavior of each member with the form of rules or member regulations. So, every member of the Member must be carried out on the basis of the regulation that had previously been determined by the company in order to avoid conflicts that might occur.

  • Communication management as a motivation
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The manager will direct each member to be able to motivate each member to work well according to the applicable SOP.

  • Communication management as a form of emotional disclosure

A company that has good communication management will give birth to coordination between teams that are as good. So, communication will be used as an important means of expressing emotional in each member. So that it will be able to minimize all forms of problems that can arise due to personal conflict between individuals.

  • Communication management as a delivery tool for information

The final goal of communication is as a means of conveying information and determining other choices in step of taking the right policy.

Communication management objectives

In general, the purpose of communication management is to be able to interact well, so that everyone is able to understand and understand how to communicate well. In addition, communication management can also be used as a means of information that shapes the way other people in interacting.

Some other purposes of communication management are to develop a professional form of interaction, forming a good desire, having a high taste of tolerance, can work together, respect each other, and get another profitable point of view.

Forms and examples of communication management

George R. Terry explained that communication consists of 5 important components, namely:

1. Formal communication

Formal communication is communication that is established between superiors and subordinates without requiring certain arrangements. The type of communication used in this formal communication line has authority and responsibilities through various instructions in the form of writing or oral by utilizing the procedures functionally that occur from superiors to subordinates or vice versa.

An example is a company regulation policy related to working hours presented in a work contract.

2. non-formal communication

Non-formal communication also does not require a particular setting and often occurs spontaneously. Like the suggestions related to responsibility or tasks in a job. Examples are members of the company who provide advice and input when receiving a task.

3. Informal communication

Informal communication is communication done to discuss other things outside of work. This type of communication will further emphasize the relationship between humans. Like two employees who vent about their life problems outside of work.

4. Technical communication

Technical communication is communication established to deliver a particular strategy, such as a marketing manager who provides technical direction on how to market marketing by utilizing social media.

5. Procedural Communication

Procedural communication is communication made to create a performance report on a company.

Onong, Onong U. Effendi divides communication into three parts, namely:

1. Vertical communication

Vertical communication is reciprocal communication between superiors and subordinates with a good communication ethic.

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2. Horizontal communication

Horizontal communication is communication intertwined between leaders between employees in a company. That is, horizontal communication is a flow of communication that is in one level of certain organizations.

3. External communication

External communication is communication intertwined between companies with other companies outside the company.

Communication management in adult communication

Michael Kaye in his book entitled Communication Management explained that there are communication models in adults who are often analogous to Russian Matouschka Dolls. According to him, the smallest doll is the part contained in a recent concept of adult communication.

This section will describe a self. Understanding and understanding themselves is a very important stage in achieving an effective self-management. That is, intrapersonal communication that occurs must include a perception, sensation, memory, and way of thinking.

While the puppets that wrap or self doll are interpersonal doll. The interpersonal focus lies in how you can relate to others, and how these individuals are able to interact with other individuals in carrying out communication activities that aim to build a meaning.

For dolls when, namely People-in-System Doll, it will focus more on a social system or an organization where it works can affect the person from the way to communicate with other people in the system. For the fourth doll, the Competence Doll, it will be more focused on wrapping all other dolls.

This competency model is very important to understand because this competency model cannot only be assessed from the outside alone, but at all levels “Russian Matouschka Doll”. A person will be an expert in his interpersonal communication field when he is able to understand himself and be able to cause a control over him.

In addition, someone will also be considered more competent in communication when he is able to build, coordinate and explain something to other people or colleagues. Finally, someone will also be assessed by an expert in communication when he is able to change the previous system.


Based on the explanation above, we can draw the conclusion that communication management is a reciprocal process in informing things to others. This form of communication management is the main key to success in every type of relationship, whether it’s a friendship or cooperation relationship. Without good communication, then everything will definitely be more complicated, especially in achieving the success of a business.

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