Communicating with Volunteers

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Is your organization on all the vital social networks Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. ?More importantly, what does your social media approach look like?If you’ve never considered the second question and your social media approach is nonexistent, then it’s time to get taken with developing one. Social structures offer a good way for nonprofits to communicate and fix with volunteers. Make sure your efforts are well spent by following this constructive advice from John Haydon.

ow many people do you know who don’t own a cellphone?If you’re like me, I can think of maybe one person out of all my household, friends, and coworkers who has yet to come into the 21st century. For nonprofits, a more “mobile” America represents a huge chance to connect with and have interaction volunteers on a wholly new level. The following tips, offered on the GuideStar blog, are a superb beginning point for companies browsing to build efficiency through generation.

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