Common Mistakes That Often Occur In Implementing Online Marketing Strategies

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Common Mistakes That Often Occur In Implementing Online Marketing Strategies

Common Mistakes That Often Occur In Implementing Online Marketing Strategies

Online marketing and advertising have become the pillars of a modern marketing strategy in any type of business. Regardless of whether your target market is teens or adults, you can count on internet access to send your message or marketing campaign to all of them.

However, not all business people know how to take full advantage of the advantages and disadvantages of implementing an online marketing strategy to the fullest. What is worse when there are business people who feel comfortable with implementing traditional marketing strategies because they do not “really understand” the developments in technology and information that are happening in the present era. Therefore, here are some common mistakes in implementing a marketing strategy.

Creating & Promoting Branding That Hasn’t Been Strong Since The Business Was Founded

First of all, you have to realize that branding is everything when you talk about marketing strategy. It’s impossible to advertise your workspace conditions, your excellent staff, and your quality products at the same time. This is where the function of a brand works. With conceptual branding, it will unify and reflect all the elements previously mentioned that you want to promote to customers through your brand advertisers, this will shape public opinion about the brand you are building.

The best way to ensure that your brand reflects your business aspires to consult with a team of marketing experts to help create your detailed brand image. In this way, you will avoid the possibility of choosing a brand name that sounds clichéd and a logo that cannot be understood well by customers. It is important to create a strong and conceptual brand from the start because weak branding will cause more problems in the middle of your business journey.

Creating Marketing Content That Only Sells Rather than Educates

The purpose of most of your marketing content is to be educational. Of course, any content you create presents your service to customers and ends up generating good prospects for your business. All your marketing activities such as posting articles on your blog. For example, it is intended to be an informative bridge between your business activities and customers. You need to teach customers who see your content how to solve various problems related to the product or service you sell, build trust, and get customers to keep accessing your blog repeatedly. This will certainly make your customers educated and hopefully, they will not only buy your product, but they will also get more value from your marketing activities.

Not Taking Advantage of SEO Features & Its Consequences

Most business people don’t know the effectiveness of using the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) feature. With SEO, this will help customers and search engines like Google find your content through supporting keywords where these keywords come from articles made on your blog and of course supported by SEO features.

Regarding a good SEO strategy, of course, it is closely related to a good marketing strategy too. Business owners often fail to realize that it takes a long time to get a return on investment from any kind of investment in marketing, especially in terms of SEO. For those of you who are (maybe) impatient, know that no matter how much money you invest, this type of marketing will show that the results are time consuming and gradual and the results will not come in a day. Don’t rush and give up on using this SEO strategy. Because when you just give up, because of your impatience, all the money you invest will go to waste just because of your impatience.

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It is not wise to use social media as a marketing strategy instrument

Today social media has become the largest center of marketing activity in the world. With the various features that social media offers, you can spread news, advertisements, and other content quickly. Call it Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other social media in general are often used by business people to market their products. One of the main reasons to use social media is that you can get instant feedback on your marketing strategy and the quality of your product. People on social media will not hesitate to give their comments and criticisms. And it will give you a clearer picture of whether the marketing strategy you are running is on the right track or it may be wrong. Another reason is that you can communicate with customers who are in your market segment. Your customers will appreciate and feel honored by your prompt responses to comments they leave.

However, some businesses sometimes go too far in responding to the various comment wars that may occur and the tendency is more to denigrate you and customers who leave negative comments. As said before, the public or netizens will not hesitate or hold back in the social media ecosystem. But you shouldn’t allow this to continue. Responding to negative comments with your negative comments is tantamount to showing other people that you have no control over what you do and that you are your customer. Therefore, it is hoped that you will be wiser and more professional in using social media as your marketing instrument. Filter the various comments that netizens leave on your product on social media and make it an evaluation material for your future marketing strategy and product quality.

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These are all common mistakes that often occur when implementing your marketing strategy. There may be other mistakes that are not listed in this article, but please know that you must always be sensitive and observant of various marketing strategies and their consequences. For your business to grow, don’t forget to advertise through the Froggy Ads service, you can start by advertising your products so that later you can increase visitors on your online business portal. Froggy Ads is an online advertising service that can help you control all your product campaigns. helps you target your desired marketing target and provides you with multiple options for marketing your product.