Commerce Department Further Restricts Huawei Access to U. S. Technology and Adds Another Affiliates to the Entity List U. S. Department of Commerce


The Bureau of Industry and Security BIS in the Department of Commerce Commerce today extra limited access by Huawei Technologies Huawei and its non U. S. associates on the Entity List to items produced locally and abroad from U. S.

era and software. In addition, BIS added another 38 Huawei affiliates to the Entity List, which imposes a license requirement for all items challenge to the Export Administration Regulations EAR and changed four present Huawei Entity List entries. BIS also imposed license requirements on any transaction concerning items challenge to Commerce export control jurisdiction where a party on the Entity List is involved, such as when Huawei or other Entity List entities acts as a purchaser, intermediate, or end user. These actions, beneficial instantly, keep away from Huawei’s attempts to sidestep U. S.

export controls to acquire electronic components constructed or produced using U. S. technology. In May 2020, BIS amended the longstanding overseas produced direct product FDP rule to target Huawei’s acquisition of semiconductors that are the direct fabricated from certain U. S.


program and generation. Today’s amendment extra refines the FDP rule by making use of the handle to transactions: 1 where U. S. program or technology is the premise for a overseas produced item that could be integrated into, or might be utilized in the “creation” or “advancement” of any “part,” “part,” or “equipment” produced, bought, or ordered by any Huawei entity on the Entity List; or 2 when any Huawei entity on the Entity List is a party to such a transaction, along with a “purchaser,” “intermediate consignee,” “most beneficial consignee,” or “end user. ”“Huawei and its foreign associates have prolonged their efforts to obtain sophisticated semiconductors developed or produced from U.

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S. program and era to be able to satisfy the policy goals of the Chinese Communist Party,” said Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross. “As we have limited its access to U. S. generation, Huawei and its associates have worked via third events to harness U. S.

generation in a manner that undermines U. S. countrywide safeguard and overseas policy pursuits. This multi pronged action demonstrates our carrying on with dedication to impede Huawei’s means to do so.