Codewise Reports % Revenue Growth and % Profitability Growth in

“In a world where the dominant credo is providing annual income growth at any loss, Codewise believes instead in sustainable growth ecocnomic growth to deliver the substances to help tireless innovation resulting in higher value to increasingly clients,” said Dr. John Malatesta, CEO and Executive Chairman of Codewise. “In the consistent pursuit of fostering innovation and convalescing the state of the world, we gladly share our plentiful technological and business knowledge with the complete industry, adding such magnificent global businesses as the World Economic Forum, the United Nations’ ITU, and the European Internet Forum. “Founded in 2011, Codewise is the industry’s first provider of AI powered online ad size and control and ad exchange solutions for digital sellers.

In 2017, 2018 and 2019, the Financial Times, recognized Codewise as one of Europe’s fastest growing to be technology organizations. Codewise’s answers help thousands of agencies in 190 countries track, measure and optimize billions of dollars of advertisements spend, boosting their efficiency and ROI. Codewise is currently monitoring more than $2. 5 billion of digital ad spending for some of the world’s biggest brands and ad businesses, adding $400 million on Facebook. Learn more at .

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