Codewise Launches Voluum Entry Subscription Plan, Integrated with Industry First Offers Marketplace

Founded in 2011, Codewise is the industry’s first provider of AI powered online ad measurement and control answers for digital dealers. In 2017 and 2018, Codewise was identified as one of the fastest transforming into technological know-how agencies in Europe, based on the Financial Times, Statista and Deloitte. Codewise’s answers help thousands of agencies in 190 nations track, degree and optimize billions of dollars of ads spend, boosting their effectivity and ROI. Codewise is presently monitoring over $2. 5 billion of electronic ad spending for one of the vital world’s biggest brands and ad businesses, adding $400 million of ad spend on Facebook.

Learn more at oluum is a full stack marketing platform for all of your performance analytics, tracking, optimization, and media buying needs. The suite consists of the Voluum Tracker, the relied on leader in cross screen performance monitoring, and the included Voluum DSP, a next era native advertising Demand Side Platform. Voluum is the go to tool for optimizing and scaling your campaigns, that includes anti fraud filtering, whitelisting and a terrific reporting speed. Powered by a robust proprietary database, Voluum has served thousands of SaaS clients in over 190 countries all over the world since September of 2014. Learn more at .

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