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All ClickerVolt elements are available in the FREE version. Support is barely available as a paid option. ClickerVolt is a tool utilized by affiliates who want to know everything about their guests and their online marketing campaigns functionality. It is the perfect link tracking plugin for anyone running paid traffic campaigns, be it solo ads, ppc, native, push, pop, you name it!It also is an incredible tool to track who clicks your associate links, in your blog posts, in your Facebook groups, Twitter feeds, Instagram, emails or any other medium. Whenever a guest clicks one of your links, you are directly able to find out: His region country tier, nation, region, city, zip code, timezone His language His ISP His IP tackle His device type, device brand, device name, browser, OS Which site he is coming from As well as any custom variable you could have added to your link It also allows you to track your conversions/earnings, either by inserting a conversion pixel to your thank you pages, or by giving a custom s2s server to server postback URL to your affiliate networks.

For those of you working paid traffic, you also can track your cost and ROI. Not only that, you are also in a position to route your site visitors to diverse pages according to rules you setup. For instance, that you can send all Spanish communicating guests to a page, all Chinese communicating ones to an alternative page, and anything else to a fallback page. You can setup rules in keeping with: Your visitor’s area country, region, city Your guest’s language Your visitor’s ISP Your guest’s IP tackle His browser’s user agent Device type, device brand, device name Browser or OS or in keeping with the existing date, day of the week, hour of the day in accordance with exact words in the URL, or values of precise query parameters or in keeping with which site referred the guest and more… You can split test URLs with weighted rotators find one of the best acting ones, that you can cloak your links, you could track the click via rate of your offer links from your landing pages, that you could track complex flows and non linear associate and sales funnels, you could trigger your retargeting pixels on every occasion an individual clicks one of your links and so a lot more!To examine your stats, ClickerVolt gives you access to: A feature rich drilldown reporting system, enabling you to dissect and analyze your site visitors in a tree table A live clicks log to see all site visitors coming in real time Integration with Google’s AI to detect bots, fraud and suspicious traffic ClickerVolt is a dream come true tracker for associates. It is a premium link tracking program which we decided to unlock at no cost. Check the video tour on our online page Similar Affiliate Software ClickerVolt is corresponding to customary monitoring application like CPV Lab PRO, ClickMagick, Voluum Codewise’s Voluum Tracking, Bemob, RedTrack, ClickMeter, FunnelFlux, Kintura, Adsbridge or Binom.

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All these other software include ordinary subscriptions and expensive pricing. We firstly desired to sell ClickerVolt too and we definitely did sell it to a small base of affiliates – but we then determined to go with another model: Make the product 100% free, with all the aspects one would expect from a top rate paid monitoring solution, and sell platinum addons for sophisticated use cases. At this time, only two add ons are available: 1: Support – that’s given by skilled and successful associates, who speak the language and take note the needs of performance marketers. 2: Voltify Takeover – a way to absolutely take over remote pages and alter any data on the fly examples here. Example of add ons we plan to unlock: Traffic source integrations – enabling you to create paid site visitors campaigns from your ClickerVolt dashboard, pause placements or change bids immediately in line with your own optimization rules.

Auto alternative of blog links with “ghost” tracking links invisible associate links – very essential for Amazon affiliates as Amazon forbid using redirect links Paid users are also prioritized when it comes to function requests. Affiliate Networks ClickerVolt helps you promote offers from familiar CPA or classic associate networks, like MaxBounty, Peerfly, A4D, C2M, CPAWay, Clickbank etc. All these networks can help you append a completely unique tracking ID to your associate links. ClickerVolt automates this via its clickid token. You can then give your ClickerVolt postback URL to those networks to acquire conversion notifications in realtime. Traffic Sources ClickerVolt works with all major traffic resources: Facebook Ads Google Ads previously called Google Adwords Bing Ads ZeroPark AdMaven MegaPush PopAds Content.

Ad MGID Taboola Outbrain etc… ClickerVolt works with the recent Google Ads parallel tracking out of the box. It is truly one of the crucial only trackers working with Google Ads parallel tracking. AIDA Metrics: Our Unique Selling Point FREE is rarely enough. In addition to all the features above, we’ve a function that no other tracker has. A feature mainly for associates paying for their traffic, but not only.


A feature that will prevent both time and money. Before telling you what this feature is, let me start by telling you what the challenge is – let’s illustrate it with right here instance: You are working a PPC crusade and also you are bidding on 3 diverse key phrases: keyword 1 keyword 2 key phrase 3 Your are advertisements a product making you $30 per sale. You don’t know yet if any of those 3 keywords will be ecocnomic or not, so you need to test each of them. After spending $40 and never one single sale yet, you examine your PPC dashboard, and you see this: key phrase 1 – spent $15 key phrase 2 – spent $10 keyword 3 – spent $15 At this point, any of these keywords still remains a good candidate. You don’t know, maybe after spending five more dollars on key phrase 3, you will get your first sale.

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That would make a spend of $20 for keyword 3 and a revenue of $30 – netting you $10. Likewise, that you can still make a sale from keywords 1 and 2 before spending $30 on each of them, making them all profitable. But the purpose is: this testing phase, that we usually call the optimization phase, is extremely costly. If you had 100 key phrases and it’s easy to arrive, you’ll have to spend as a minimum $30 your offer payout on each single one of them before deciding wether to cut it or to maintain it. There needs to be a higher way… And yes, there’s!It’s called AIDA tracking. ClickerVolt is the one affiliate tracking program integrating AIDA in all its reports, making the optimization phase much faster, and way affordable.

Check the AIDA case study on our web page Performance You should care about speed. Speed concerns. Amazon, Google and others let you know that faster page loads at once correlate to increased ROI. This is why remember to never use a slow link tracking software. ClickerVolt is quicker than a higher best tracker, and we’ve benchmarks to prove it. Check the benchmarks on our web page Alternative Link Tracking Plugins If you only need basic shortlink management, right here URL shorteners may be a stronger fit for you: Shortlinks by Pretty Links Easy Affiliate Links ThirstyAffiliates Affiliate Link Manager Integration with right here traffic sources Google Ads Adwords – adding Parallel Tracking Microsoft Ads Bing Ads Facebook Ads MegaPush RichPush Pushground Zeropark Widget Media Traffic Stars Taboola Self Advertiser RevContent PropellerAds PopCash PopAds Outbrain MGID Avazu AdCash AdMaven ezMob Integration with the following associate networks A4D ActionAds AdCombo Addiliate Adsimilis AdsUp Affiliaxe Affise AIVIX BeeOption Big Bang Ads BillyMob BitterStrawberry BlackFox C2M Cash Network CJ Clickbank Clickbooth Clickdealer CPALead CPAWay CrackRevenue Creative Clicks Digistore24 Dr.

Cash Everad Everflow ExpertMobi Generic – Cake Generic – HasOffers GiddyUp Global Wide Media LeadBit LetsCPA Los Pollos LuckyOnline M4trix. electronic Magic Hygeia Market Health MaxBounty MaxWeb Mobidea Mobidealer Mobipium MobVista PayKickstart via IPN Shareasale SpicyOffers Tapgerine ToroAdvertising Traffic Company Verve Direct DFO W4 WapEmpire WarriorPlus via IPN Yep Ads YTZ Zorka.