Clickbait Is a Strategy that can Bring a Lot of Audiences

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Clickbait Is a Strategy that can Bring a Lot of Audiences

Clickbait Is a Strategy that can Bring a Lot of Audiences

If You intend to increase the audience to Your website, then using clickbait is one powerful way. But if it is wrong to use them, Your reputation can be a damaged mess.

Then, how to create a title is clickbait good as a content strategy? Well, this time we will discuss the clickbait is complete. Starting from the definition, advantages and disadvantages, to how to make a title clickbait appropriately.

For that, read the article about clickbait until it is done well.

Definition Of Clickbait Is

Quoted from page Tech Crunch, clickbait is an act that promises something over which can be found easily on the title of the news, the caption on the social media, the title on the thumbnail youtube, etc.

Simply put, clickbait is a title that draws on the content, but the content is not necessarily following what was promised in the title. Its contents could be the same as the title or different. Although indeed most people use clickbait with the intention that is not so good.

According to the official page of WordStream, some of the traits of clickbait is a title that was able to attract a lot of attention, the use of a picture that is very familiar, and attractive to many people, as well as other things which can make a lot of people curious to see more.

After already very often playing social media and already know the various titles that are clickbait, why do most of us keep drool and even still want to open the link believed as an inducement course?

According to the website Psychology Today, it is because basically, every human does require the information to continue to fight on in his life.

So, when there is a title that promises something surprising or not trusted, most of us remain curious and want to open the first of its contents.

Advantages and disadvantages of Clickbait

Excess Clickbait

1. Increase Click Through Rate (CTR)

The title is clickbait indeed able to make any audience interested to do click on the mouse. Because in addition to the indeed curious, they can also get answers from the content You create. 8 out of 10 people will click on the title of the content that is clickbait.

While there are a lot of people clicking on the content, the ratio of click-through rate or CTR will increase. The ratio of high CTR proves that Your content is consistent with what is required by the audience.

Eventually, the google search engine will place Your content in the position of the search result that is better or related search.

2. Increase Pageviews

Title clickbait will attract the audience to read or watch the content of Your video. in the end, the number of page views, who became total pages viewed by the audience will increase.

When the number of pageviews You increase, then Your content will also be considered to be very beneficial, so that the search engines will give its recommendation in the search results.

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In addition, for online media such as Buzzfeed, clickbait is also very effective to obtain the advertiser is easy. So, their income will be increased with the applied strategy clickbait good.

3. The Potential Social Share

Clickbait will also be very effective to make people want to share such content with others. Because, with its title that can improve the emotional, such as a sense of shock, curiosity, and a sense of the other, will make people interested to do the click.

The potential of social share is that You can use to increase brand awareness on Your products. if this step is successfully applied, then You can make the title clickbait following the contents in it.

On the contrary, when the clickbait that You make does not get the social share enough, then most likely the audience will assume it is too excessive and not want to spread content that is not credible.

The Shortage Of Clickbait

1. Bring in Traffic that does Not Fit

Most likely clickbait was able to bring traffic to audiences who are curious about the content of Your content. but, it could be the audience are not the target audience, that will not be able to continue on the purchase page of the product.

If this has happened, then attempt to gain an advantage by using the strategy of content marketing has become not a maximum.

through the strategy of content marketing so not the maximum, isn’t it?

2. Bounce Rate Is Increased

Another shortcoming when using clickbait is the rising bounce rate on your website or Your blog. the reason of course when the audience realizes that the content is not following the title, then they will instantly leave Your content.

A website that has a ratio bounce rate high most likely indicated to have content that is not following the disbursement of its users. So, google can’t put it on the position of the proceeds of liquidation of the good.

3. Damage Brand Image

Try to imagine when You create content marketing that does not correspond to reality. For example, You offer a gaming mouse to all audiences in all parts of the title. Well, when the audience read it, it turns out that the promo is only valid for the first 100 buyers only. Of course, the audience will feel cheated.

When the content of clickbait only appears once perhaps the reader still understands. But if you do, then the level of consumer confidence in Your business would be decreased. So, the reputation of Your brand will be decreased drastically.

How to Make a Title is Clickbait Good Strategy For Content Marketing

1. Place the keywords in Your Title

Research In Google. As an example, We Will Write “Update Price Gaming Laptops Under 8 Millions of” When You see the results, then You will be able to see the same pattern. All of the titles on the google search page has the keyword “update price gaming laptop”

To get an idea, You could use google trends and ubersuggest to be able to specify a title of the content. Google wants You to present content that is directly related to the keyword or phrase search. So, You have to be careful in determining the title.

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2. Create a Title that is incredible, Almost Impossible, or Amazing

Add and change titles is a thing that You need to think about. Dispose of as far as possible titles that have boring and make the title of clickbait that can be optimized for Your SEO. one of the choices is to add the word “shindig”,” incredible”, or “surprise” in Your title.

Although it looks like hyperbole this is clickbait. So, or news articles that You create must be really surprising, not to be trusted, and also amazing.

However, avoid the use of tricks clickbait to attract readers only. Use this method also when You can justify this.

3. Create a Title that Controversial

The controversy is not merely good for business. but, there are times when the theme can also make Your business gain more attention. But, we certainly don’t want to start a controversy just for the sake of gaining profit. If You do, then it is very silly.

Claim this controversy of course is one of the tricks SEO which is nice. When You create a title with tricks like this, then there is also the possibility You could occupy one page of a Google search.

4. Make Clickbait by Adding the Numbers or Number in the Title

Listicles can work very well to attract the reader’s interest and are also very good for SEO. Well, one way to use listicles is by using the adjective and also a simple number to describe the tips, tricks, tips, and other things that are in the article.


Although many consider clickbait and SEO difficult to put together but to create relevant content, then both can be combined with the very elegant and very possible to achieve success.

But, some things must be considered, namely to ensure the information presented is actually available and also relevant.

Some of the words like incredible and shocking will work quite well in making clickbait, but You can still be creative again freely. For that, change the title of the article SEO Your boring into the article clickbait by adding the numbers are very simple.

In the end, clickbait that can be used with either will be able to bring in more visitors, and they will be attracted to Your business and buy your products or services You offer. So, the success of the business can earn.

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