CJU Digital Series

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The recruitment of new, assorted publishers is vital to get your brand in front of more shoppers throughout the path to purchase. Over a five year period recruited publishers generate 60% of a program’s income. This education lays out three strategies to diversify an advertiser software to expand reach and obtain future growth—and the way CJ’s new writer recruitment tool, Partner Discovery, makes that feasible. Attendees will learn: • How to arrive new audiences by looking beyond the “traditional” writer promotional methods • Why upper funnel reach via influencers and review sites are an important a part of assorted programs • Ways to effectively manage incentives to have an effect on client behaviorAs a digital advertisements network, CJ has seen firsthand how privacy concentrated tracking adjustments affect our clients and the rest of the digital ecosystem. New technology and policies that set higher criteria for user privacy and knowledge protection have driven sweeping changes in the web ads industry.

If you’re thinking about how to best navigate this changing panorama, which has made measurement more difficult, you’re not alone—both advertisers and publishers will benefit from this session. Angela Ballard, CJ’s lead Product Manager focused on monitoring, will in actual fact explain how marketers can organize for a privacy focused future and how CJ has shifted its approach in a few key areas to aid our clients.

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