Chitika Ad Network Review

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Chitika’s interface is quite well arranged, simple and easy to use but unfortunately does not offer much in terms of data but at least they’re updated daily. However, Chitika channels can help you know which ads are performing better than others. You aren’t assigned an ad consultant and do need to set up all the things your self. This can be considered a good or bad thing dependent on how much adventure you have. There is the characteristic of live previews so you’re able see how the ads look and feel before you finalize things.

One negative thing is that the reporting isn’t completely finished, you cannot see totals for each specific period; the totals are predicted from all the items for your existing page. It is good though that the loading is sort of fast. Chitika does get a lower fill rate, CPM and CPC rate compared to other ad networks. Also, they are better suited to traffic from Canada and the U. S. Basically, unless your online page gets a large number of traffic from the US or Canada, it may be hard to make numerous money from Chitika.

The income per click are a bit low; your website will need a strong amount of traffic or a high CTR to be able to earn an honest amount of money. Since Chitika’s ads are in line with what’s typed into the quest engine instead of from the location’s content material, it can mean the ads being shown are not assured to be relevant to the user which may end up in a low CPM. Chitika uses a completely unique algorithm to discover what the user searches for and then changes the ads displayed even when the ads and web page content aren’t associated. In terms of information, it is nice that Chitika’s online page offers a large number of useful advice and FAQ. There is also the option of emailing with questions, as with many normal email facilities getting a reply in a speedy manner can be tricky but when replies are obtained they are quite informative. As mentioned in the past, you aren’t assigned an ad representative so you’re going to have to depend upon their email carrier to reply any questions you have got.

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Also, the approval method could be a bit long as it can take up to 7 days but it’s not hard to get approval. It doesn’t precisely give you the sensation of a purchaser service it really is inclined to go the additional mile.