Cheap and Free Live Chat Application for Your Business Website

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Cheap and Free Live Chat Application for Your Business Website

Cheap and Free Live Chat Application for Your Business Website

Thanks to the existence of cheap web hosting service providers, you can build your website. If you create a website for personal, maybe Live Chat application services are less as needed.

However, if the website built through a cheap hosting service is used for business activities, live chat services are needed.

For those of you who are confused about choosing a live chat application that matches the website, here are the recommendations of cheap and free live chat applications that you can use:

Provide Support

Provide Support is one of the Enterprise Live Chat applications that can be used to support website needs, and are appropriate for use by websites owned by large companies. This service has several advantages, which among them are easy to use, reliable, and there are excellent security features. Besides, Provide Support also allows you and customers can send files directly through the chat window.

Live Person

Live Person is the first Live Chat application available on the internet, making it very popular and recognized by many website users. To use this application, you can register through the official website, While features that make it very interesting, namely the ease of integration with Facebook and Salesforce, and have optimal analysis tools. This application is very interesting, right? If the live person has been applied to your website, also complete the important needs of other websites through a credible Indonesian cheap web hosting.


This live chat can be registered via and comes with features that are relatively complete and very suitable for use by online business people. In WGCCHAT, there are important features such as Chat Statistics Reports, Automatic Greeting, and Log chat. Besides, this service has also been integrated with Facebook Page, Google Hangout, and Yahoo! Messenger.


The Comm100 that can be registered through this site, is specifically designed to provide convenience to its users. Then, the COMM100 can also be modified according to the character and strategy of your company’s branding. More interesting, available various plugins that can be used for e-commerce systems and content management, such as Joomla! Virtuemart, Shopify, and WordPress Store.

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The next Live Chat service option is Zopim which is currently widely used by website makers. Zopim has several excellent features, such as chat that can be synchronized through various devices. When you are outside the office, you can still interact with consumers only by using a smartphone thanks to the synchronization feature.

Tawk. to.

Tawk.Too is probably the only free Live Chat application that helps us monitor and converse with website visitors and our mobile applications like face to face. They don’t limit the number of serving agents, the number of conversation volumes that can be answered, as well as how many websites can be installed by the plugin. The plugin itself is available for WordPress, Joomla, Magento, etc. Everything is 100% free!

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