Cheap and Effective Marketing Strategies Using Social Media

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Cheap and Effective Marketing Strategies Using Social Media 1

Cheap and Effective Marketing Strategies Using Social Media

Cheap and Effective Marketing Strategies Using Social Media 1

Social media has become an inseparable part of people’s lives. Based on research conducted by We Are Social and Hootsuite, there are around 130 million people who actively use social media in Indonesia, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on.

Besides being cheap, social media can be a means of making a profit if it is put to good use. Even though it looks easy, in reality, it needs an effective marketing strategy so that the products or services you offer can be accepted in the hearts of social media users. Here are some cheap and effective marketing strategies through social media:

Choose One Main Social Media

Decide on one major social media that has been adjusted to your chosen target market. Each social media has its user tendencies. For example, Instagram, which is synonymous with young people’s social media, then choosing Instagram will be very beneficial if your target market is young people.

After choosing the main social media, it doesn’t mean you forget about other social media. You also need to choose other social media that can be used as supporting social media, such as Facebook or Twitter.

The Right Style

Some well-known brands certainly have their style in marketing on social media. The style chosen by these brands is certainly adjusted to the target market.

If your target is young children for example, then you need to use a style that is relaxed and up-to-date, but if the main target is adults, a serious and elegant style can be the right choice.

Interesting Content

Make marketing content as good and interesting as possible. Content is the main key to the success of marketing strategies in social media. Without interesting content, everything you do on social media will not produce results.

You can hire the services of a content writer, if you are not proficient in creating content. Now that many have provided these services, choose one that suits your financial capabilities. So you don’t need to worry.

Time Management Strategy

As someone who will market their products on social media, then you also have to understand the user’s activities on social media. Choose the right time and moment to do the promotion, for example when many social media users are online, so the product you offer will have a great opportunity to be seen by many people.

Promoting is important, but not too often. Doing promotions too often can make potential customers leave your product because they are upset or bored. To avoid this, you can apply soft-advertorial techniques, for example in an article or post that is packaged interestingly with a little slip information about your product.

Consistency is also needed in implementing this strategy. You need to determine a regular schedule for promotions, starting from daily, weekly, and monthly. The goal is that potential customers do not forget the products you offer.

Take advantage of Influencers

Influencers are social media users who have a lot of followers and can influence their followers. Look for influencers that are suitable and can represent the product you offer. The cost required is usually adjusted by the number of followers, the more followers the more expensive the tariff.

Close to Consumers

The last step you need to do is establish personal communication with consumers through social media. Frequently interact with consumers, so you will get friends and followers who are more loyal.

Loyal followers will usually promote to close friends to try the products you offer. This is certainly a free promotional event that is very profitable for your business going forward.

Thus the discussion of cheap and effective marketing strategies using social media. Hopefully this article can add to your insight in running your online business