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On the draw back, we’re taking less time to just sit back and mirror. Sometimes we just wish to step back to gain crucial angle. There’s little room for critical mirrored image on Twitter it’s mostly impulsive and some of the dots we attach on Facebook are downright trivial. Indeed, there’s no chance I could have authored a book, Satisfied Customers Tell Three Friends, Angry Customers Tell 3000 Doubleday, had I not spent a few years preparing emotions in this blog. and soaking up criticism along the best way.

In many respects, the blog was the “beta test” for the book, and also you can virtually see the book chapters jump out in the tag cloud. Then again, writing a book wasn’t the aim when I began the blog, even supposing I did suspect something “arranged” would emerge from the musings: better articles, speeches, consulting, etc. I guess that’s the point. But let’s shift back to the good news. The electronic and social world maintains to stimulate and galvanize and touch every aspect of our lives. It’s unlikely to slow down anytime soon, and that leaves us with lots to discuss and debate regardless of publishing platform.

Last week, after going a good eight months of writing silence, I eventually cranked out an Ad Age column entitled “Back to the Digital Future” which attempted to attach a bunch of private dots into the future. It wasn’t a blog post, per se, but I felt good to blog again. Here’s some excerpts:If you have not yet met Susan Bratton, you haven’t truly lived in the online ads and Web 2. 0 world. Susan lives right smack in the middle of Silicon Valley and has worn a host of high impact digital “hats,” so to communicate, in our still nascent market: head of advertising for the former @Home broadband play, long tme chairwoman of Ad Tech arguably the largest online trade event on earth, and so much more. Way back when we were just getting PandG’s first interactive marketing team off the bottom, Susan was a useful resource and digital “tour guide,” so to speak.

Recently, Susan began nay, threw her unmistakable energy and ardour into Personal Life Media, that’s essentially a blog and podcasting network protecting a host both expected e. g. online ads market advancements and unexpected faith and spirituality, society and tradition, sexuality topics. Oh, and she or he’s building a great target market. Her husband Tim, no Spring bird as web culture goes he invented Rhapsody, is her spouse in this ambitious endeavor. Anyway, it is a long preface to the undeniable fact that I had the honor of being interviewed by Susan currently for one of her DishyMix podcast shows, and I must say it was the most enjoyable I’ve had all year.

She’s enticing, disarming, and knows her subjects well enough to potentially get them into hot water. But I say that in a great way!Credit to Susan, she really got me worked up about the things I love in my business, in my non-public hobbies concerning Web 2. 0 corresponding to constructing blogs and sites committed to my kids, and so a lot more. Oh, and we talk lots about my recent book, Satisfied Customers Tell Three Friends, Angry Customers Tell 3000 Doubleday Business, especially around “talk drivers” and what I call “the love spot” sorry you just need to listen first to know what I’m talking about on that one. Click here to Listen Now!Of course, if my pontification bores you usually a chance, I can assure you that you won’t be disillusioned along with her other interviews, adding recent ones of step forward advertising philosopher Paul Woolmington founder of Naken Communication, agency pioneer Alex Bogusky, search expert John Batelle, groundsweller Charlene Li, and “Personality Not Included” author Rohit Bhargava. Launch Events: The reviews were just a couple highlights of an completely fantastic week in NYC concerning my book launch, and I’m just winding down.

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In addition to keeping up with my common work flow, I participated in three successive book launch events: one by my classmates at HBS thanks, Rick and Jen Lerner and Bill and Daphne Hildebolt or ExpoTV. com, a further absolutely incredible of “outstanding” insists my wife Erika hosted by Nielsen at the implausible Soho loft of Karen Watson Nielsen’s head of Corporate Communications, and the third hosted by the PandG Alumni Assocation NY bankruptcy big thanks to Tina Adolfsson held at the breathtaking offices of Marina Maher communications thanks, Marina. At each event I had a chance to get closer old friends, talk in short about the book themes, and answer a questions. Final Footnote: The gold standard irony of this very good week is that it actually kicked off on Tuesday at at event entitled “How Should Research Leverage The Ability To Listen To Consumers In A Web 2. 0 World?Joel Rubinson, the brand new head of analysis of the Advertising Research Foundation, pulled in combination a dozen or so market leaders in the sector of market analysis to vet out this topic, especially across the power of the “unprompted shopper voice.

” The dialogue was deep, stimulating, uncomfortable and step forward one of the vital enjoyable classes I’ve participated in all year. Huge thanks to Joel and ARF head Bob Barocci for leading this charge. The book’s core question is seriously essential, and one I’ve been considering since checking out new feedback models in the California legislature back in the early 1990s and all of the way up thru my tenure today at Nielsen Online: how to determine and maintain credibility by being unique, listening and responding to users, and forming relationships built on openness, transparency, and trust. The growth of the web, and the extraordinary power and leverage it adds consumers, puts this question in a unique, if not urgent, context. This QandA from Sunday’s Edition of the Cincinnati Enquirer provides effective heritage on the book themes.

Time grows short. My new book, “Satisfied Customers Tell Three Friends, Angry Customers Tell 3000” formally hits the bookstall Tuesday, July 8th. The book takes a examine how dealers and types can establish andmaintain credibility in today’s consumer driven, electronic world. Launching a book is like having a party and waiting to see who shows up, and at what accurate time. I’m excited and terrified at an analogous time.

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Early buzz is truly encouraging, and Amazon pre sales certainly show signs of true interest. On July 9th, I can be offering a sneak preview into book themes in a Nielsen hosted Webinar from 2 3 PM EST. I’m deeply commemorated to have Beth Thomas Kim, Director of Consumer Services,Nestle USA and chairwoman of the Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals, SOCOP, and Tom Asher, Director of Consumer Relations NorthAmerica, Levi Strauss and Co. join me to speak concerning the key book themes. As I walk thru each of my “Six Drivers of Brand Credibility,” Tom and Beth will offer candid reactions and views in keeping with their adventure. I’ll be sharing additional info about the book in the coming days, but if you need more information, here are a couple links: If you’re occupied with all the issues and themes during this blog, you won’t want to miss the Word of Mouth Marketing Association’s WOMMA Spring conference May 9 10.

It’s like a shot of WOMdrenaline!If you continue to are not convinced, watch this video from last year’s event. If you still aren’t confident, take a look at this video from the very first WOMMA conference. This year’s event is entitled “WOMM U” and a big focus is on “activating networks, influencers, and groups. ” Sign up here!Here’s the latest list of audio system at the event. Imagine the time and price of connecting with all these sharp minds individually. Personal Note: There are few things in my advertising career that have been more inspiring, empowering, and enlightening than my work with WOMMA.

When we created this group four year ago, we sought to shape a new way of thinking about marketing that puts the shopper at the middle of the universe. We were also decided to tackle head on the failings like word of mouth ethics that we knew, if abused, had the expertise to ruin all that is so particular and unique about this “listening” and “conversation” anchored space. The group remains devoted to a majority of these issues adamantly and passionately and even if via membership, convention participation, and even better inserting your name in the hat for the brand new WOMMA board, please participate. Pete Blackshaw believes in “the facility of the Internet to giveindividuals a voice and alter the way in which things are done”. His blog, Consumer Generated Media, helps advertise ideas on advertising and marketing, client advocacy, multi media, and more. There are concept upsetting pieces on text mining and how it “undresses” ads, 10 essential takeaways from Steve Jobs’ recent iPhone pricing apology, and lighter commentary from one of the usual “Mad Men”of commercials.